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Can’t imagine how people live where it is cold and overcast all the time, i.e., Siberia, etc. Guess if you are born there that is all you know so it is normal.  And while there may not be snow all the time, I’ve found in traveling that some places are pretty cold even in the summer.


This Texas girl is having a hard time with the cold this year dealing with frozen, icy steps (took a tumble down them last night – but no harm done),  frozen lock on gate, temperature not above 34 . . . for the high, and the back door frozen shut!   That was a first.  But patiently waiting for Thursday when we’re supposed to reach 76 – and then possible sleet again on Friday/Saturday – go figure.


Since there isn’t much to do find myself checking out videos –  ’12 Tough Truths About Life No One Wants to Admit’ – offers a lot of insight into life.  It’s only about 3 minutes long and for me number 12 on ‘arguments’ has been part of my life for a long time.

To that, David and I have not had an argument since we married over 30 years ago.  Yes, we’ve had disagreements on things but no arguments where one of us is screaming mad.  What’s the secret?  We decided when we first got married that  if we wanted to say something that might be construed as argumentative,  we would preface the statement with these three words  . .  . “in my opinion”.  After all, everyone has an opinion and for us we agreed to make opinions non-arguable.

Click on the image below to see the 12 Tough Truths  which is on Facebook.  And, if you don’t have a FB account, when the screen pops-up to log-in, just click on ‘Not Now” to view the video.




Saw another post about an upcoming movie titled ‘I Can Only Imagine’. Would seem this  movie is  based on a true story which originally resulted in a popular song.  Watched the movie trailer and then went looking for full version of song.  Surprise – song had over 23 million views.  So here it is if you care to listen (click on the image) . . . BTW, link to movie trailer is below the song video.  Guess everyone has a story to tell.  Some stories just more powerful than others.




Movie trailer – on Facebook – click on image.



Last thing – Lady looking for brother, click on image to go to her FB page if you have any info.



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