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Think Twice Before Spending Silver Coins

coins If you’ve been watching the metals market, you’ve seen both gold and silver go up in price recently. And, while most of us don’t have any gold coins laying around – we all probably have a few old silver coins stashed away somewhere in a drawer. Right now their silver value is worth more than their face value.

As of yesterday the silver value for the following was – Dime – $1.29; Quarter – $3.22; Half dollar – $6.45 and Silver dollar – $13.78. Bear in mind these are bullion prices and does not take into account the possible numismatic value of the coin. Should you find a really old coin you might want to check on it’s collector value – some of the older coins and some of the not-so-old coins that have a low mintage can be highly desirable.

Use the information below to sort through your coins if you plan on looking for U.S. silver ones.

Silver coins to look for are:

1942 – 1945 Nickel

1916 – 1945 Mercury Dime

1946 – 1964 Roosevelt Dime

1932 – 1964 Quarter

1916 – 1947 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

1948 – 1963 Franklin Half Dollar

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar

1965 – 1970 (40%) Half Dollar

1878 – 1921 Morgan Dollar

1921 – 1935 Peace Dollar

1971 – 1976 (40%)Eisenhower Dollar

If you are lucky enough to find some silver coins – you’ll want to think twice about spending them. And, if you want to keep a close eye on the current bullion value for coins – gold and silver – an excellent site is They not only have the metal value for US coins but also for coins around the world.

Want to read about the ‘legality’ of melting coins? Visit this link.. . . ‘Is it legal to melt U.S. coins?      Happy hunting!

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