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misty_2017Sunday am


It’s dreary, damp, outside.  The woods are shrouded in a fine mist as I look across the field . . . and my plans for working in the yard have been put on hold.  Today is one of those days that calls for making a pot of stew –  soup along with some lovely hot rolls.  Guess that’s where that leftover roast will go.


In addition to cooking, about the only other thing to do is spend a little time on the computer. One thing I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks is monitoring my gmail to see if someone else is signed on. Horrors  !!!  ( BTW – noticed on the news few days back  that quite a few million Yahoo email accounts had been hacked.  If you have a Yahoo email account you can read more at this link. )






First notice of this gmail problem was a small line at the bottom of the messages in my ‘In Box’ tab  which stated that someone was ‘using this account in another location’. 







Before I go any further – let me say this notification can appear IF you are signed on to the gmail account with another device, i.e., laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.  To see if one of these is giving the notice, sign off all these devices, then check to see if notice is still there.   May need to refresh the page (F5).

To continue – clicking on the ‘Details’ link gave me the IP address and location. No clue about IP addresses, but locations have varied from Kentucky to the UK.   Not good.  (Note:  There is also a link that will allow you to change your password – after you’ve logged out other locations, of course.  )




Next on the hunt to find out how to stop this and find out  if it was possible to block them.  To save you a little time, it is not possible to block an IP address from your gmail – seems the people who do this have ways to change the IP address at will.


Naturally, my first thought was to change the password – which I did. Multiple times I might add.  And, while this worked for a day or so, seems they were always finding a way back in.  So it’s back to  my search on how to stop this.

After a couple of days hunting and lots of reading, found out that gmail offers a ‘second verification’ option when signing into your gmail (or Google) account(s).





This verification works such that after submitting the account password, you are contacted by Google either by text or phone with a numerical code you must type into the appropriate space before you can access your email account.

Good thing is that you can choose how you want the code delivered – AND they give you additional codes you can use should you be away from home. As a precaution these ‘away from home codes’ are only good for a one time use.

I signed up for this service and have been monitoring my gmail ever since. Will continue to do so – as I know something is bound to happen eventually.

To read more about this 2-step verification, visit this link:

Before finishing up on email – couple of thoughts:

  • ALWAYS sign out of your email account (and any other account you might have) – yes, this is a bit of a bother, but just another layer of security.
  • And, I’ve been using only Mozilla / Firefox to access my email.  Seems to be a little more stable that Internet Explorer.  But that just might be a matter of opinion.



We are fortunate in that David is just about back to his ‘pre-gallbladder’ self – and able to do things outside again. While this is great – being a caregiver is not always an easy task.  There are days that seem over-whelming.  Like when my credit card was hacked – this led to other problems with other accounts.  In fact, I spent well  over an hour just this past week trying to get my mobile phone account straight – in spite of the fact that I’d changed the credit card number.  But I digress.

For those of you that may be in a caregiver situation, know of someone who is or regretfully, you may find yourself there one day – I found an online forum that is dedicated to cancer caregivers. It is a wealth of information on care giving, various aspects of the disease, help links and if you are so inclined – a chat room.

I have found that by simply reading some of the forum posts, my situation does not compare to what others are experiencing.   Not that that changes anything here, just puts things in a new perspective . . . and sometimes that’s all that’s needed.

If you would like to read more, please visit this link or share with someone in need.

Now for a smile . . .


Click on the image, this will take you to the video.  You may get a pop-up box asking you to ‘sign in’, just click . . . . Not Now.

















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