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Want to bring your attention to some ‘scam’ emails we received  this last week in case you should  receive something similar.  Ended up spending  quite a few hours on the phone tracking everything down.  But, glad I did.

Before beginning, let me say that I am always leery of any email that asks me to change something on an account, i.e., username, password, pin, etc. – and then kindly gives me an embedded link right there in the email to make the change.  Don’t think so.  IF I change anything it is ALWAYS done through the actual website login; NEVER an email.


First email was from PayPal.   (In fact, I’ve received 2 spoof emails ‘from PayPal’ within the past 2 weeks.)

Would guess, everyone is familiar with their services as they make buying and selling on line relatively easy. With all of the hacking we hear about on the news,  I wasn’t too surprised when I received an email telling me they were upgrading their security and I needed to verify certain information.  Might add everything they asked for seemed very technical.  Since I wasn’t familiar with some of the items listed, called our hosting company to check and see what was going on.  Verified what I could with them . . . without having to make any changes . . . thought that was the end of it.





However, when I received the second email from ‘PayPal’ saying “they couldn’t determine if my systems are compatible” and I should use the embedded link if I had any questions, warning bells went off.  I decided to give PayPal a call.  Might add that that was no small task either.  Had a time finding how to get a real person on the phone – and once I did find a number to call  was given a pin number good for only 1 hour.






This is the link to get the telephone number/pin number to call Paypal should you ever need it.   BTW – You’ll need to be logged into your account to view the page . . .


The representative I spoke with was very helpful and informed me the email was NOT from PayPal. I forwarded it to them for review and was sent a confirmation that it was NOT from PayPal along with a list of things to watch out for.

If you get such an email, you can forward it to “”.   The rep also told me that emails from PP will be identified as ‘”.

Interesting thing about these emails, they all have the extension for the emails and looker very legitimate.

Insurance Claim

Second email in question that we received appeared to be  from an individual.  Can’t say what they were after,  can only surmise that they were either looking to see if our ‘mall’ had security cameras in use or if we had insurance so they could make a claim for damages.  Have to guess they didn’t know that we are only a virtual mall.





Third email I received was from the company that backs up all the data on our computers.  After the first two emails  being bogus, was really suspicious about this one because it too had an embedded link in the body asking me to click and verify my account.

This call to the company – actually did an online chat – was a bear.  Took me almost an hour before I could connect with a representative.  But did verify that the email was indeed  from them.  During the conversation they stayed on the line until I could get all the actions the email requested verified.


Seems someone is always taking shots at us these days. About the only thing I can do is verify emails like those above with a representative at the company and then change  passwords monthly.    And boy, do I make them tough.

Bottom line, if in doubt, don’t do anything the emails ask.  Then call the company in question and talk to a person about the suspected spoof email and forward for them to follow-up on.

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