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Cheese Sauce – Plastic Wrap – Baked Potatoes

Would imagine I’m going to have twice as much laundry next couple of weeks thanks to this crazy weather. Cold in the morning and unseasonably hot in the afternoon. Same for the house – fireplace in the morning – A/C in the afternoon.

With our changing clothes at least twice a day – David sometimes three times since he’s been doing some outside work – I’m hoping for a nice weekend so I can hang the washed clothes outside on the line to dry. The clothes line is right next to the Sassafras tree which is the most gorgeous red right now. When the morning sun hits it – looks like it is on fire.  I’ll try to get a pic Saturday morning and post it.

Follow-up:  David took the picture to the right . . . not a lot of sun, but a lot of fog making the leaves wet – so they still look pretty.

Please Vote!

Don’t know about you, but I’m really glad the election is next week. We’ve already voted but seems that’s pretty much all you hear (and read about).   I can definitely sympathize with the little girl who’s tired of hearing about ‘Bronco Bama’.  The video is below and if you haven’t watched it, it’s short and funny.



 Helpful Tips

Still doing my 3-meals-a-day cooking regime, and have a couple of tips to pass along. Nothing earth-shattering – but you may find them useful.

Plastic Wrap – for some reason we’ve been having difficulty of late getting the plastic wrap to dispense without getting stuck on the ends. To eliminate this, we’ve found that when pulling the wrap from the box, rather than pulling it towards the cutting edge, pull it away from the cutting edge in the opposite direction.  Doing so seems to keep the ends from getting ‘galled up’ and everything works fine.


How to thicken cheese sauce EASY – On more than one occasion when making cheese sauce from scratch (using either Velvetta or American cheese slices),  I’ve needed to thicken it up a little. But doing this without losing the flavor or having flour lumps was a problem until I found out that I could use shredded cheese to thicken my sauce.   Seems whatever they use in packaging the different shredded cheeses to keep it from sticking together, will also thicken sauces. Doesn’t take much, keeps the flavor and I Love it!


One potato-two potato – We like having a light supper but getting tired of the same old chips with our sandwiches – not to mention the Pringles, Stax and other potato chips really drive up David’s blood sugar. So I’ve started keeping a couple of baked potatoes in the refrigerator (Russet – not the red  ones as those are also really bad for his bloodsugar for some reason??) .   Having cold potatoes ready to go makes it quick and easy for me to whip up a small portion of potato salad for supper – small being the operative word . . .  because if I make a large batch, we’ll just sit there and eat  until it’s all gone.


Might also mention, keeping  cold baked potatoes in the fridge is good for other dishes like cottage fries and scrambled into eggs with onions for a quick breakfast burrito.  Also,  they have a  ‘long shelf life’ , so,  if I don’t need them for a few days after baking, no problem.  Might add, I ‘bake’ them in the microwave – so much easier than heating up the oven unless I’m baking something else along with them.

To ‘bake’ a potato in the microwave:

  • Wash thoroughly
  • Place on microwave-safe plate
  • Pierce the skin a few times with knife or fork
  • Drizzle with olive oil (optional)
  • Cover loosley with plastic wrap
  • Mircrowave on 50% power until done

How long you cook them will depend on the size of the potato.  I find usually 10-12 minutes for a regular-sized potato works.  If you need to cook them longer until they are soft to squeeze, cook in increments of 1 minute to keep from over-cooking them.



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