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Spring in Texas is More than Bluebonnets

Spring time here in the country never ceases to amaze me at how wonderfully perfect a day can be. With cool temperatures, slight breezes, clear blue skies and warm sun – you can do anything outside and be comfortable. I try to enjoy as many of these days as I can – because I know summer is not far behind. Such was the weekend – and after the bout with the septic system working in the yard with the flowers was a pleasure.

There are so many different kinds of wildflowers blooming right now . . . I don’t know their names but some look just like tiny little white bells, others I call wild verbenas simply because the leaves look like verbena leaves even though the flowers don’t – and then there are little blue-ish flowers that look remind me of violets. All the peach and plum trees are full of blooms with what seems like hundreds of bees everywhere.   I find it hard to believe that it’s been reported the number of bees are dwindling. Couldn’t tell it around here. We’ve got honey bees and bumble bees both. The bumble bees can be agressive if you get in their territory – so I stay clear of them. Lady Bugs seem to be everywhere as well – and they’ll fly right up and land on you. I’ve heard they are good for a garden and yard so I leave them alone.  

I’ve started cleaning out the garden along with the flower bed next to the picket fence. I’ve planted some Sweet Peas there – and will keep my fingers crossed that they make it. I love Sweet Peas – but have terrible luck growing them.  

 Also, set out some Zinnias and potatoes. Haven’t decided what else I’ll grow this year – probably the standards – tomatoes, squash, bell peppers, cucumbers, green beans, maybe some okra. I did see an advertisement on television for a ‘Survival Garden’ – advertised as having enough seeds to plant an acre with all the popular veggies. Kind of reminds you of the 1940’s Victory gardens, doesn’t it? I can’t imagine advertising vegetable garden seeds to television viewers – especially if they live in the city. They have to be clueless as to how big an acre is and how much WORK it would take to maintain it. (I know I was.) We’re talking, tilling, weeding, planting, fertilizing, weeding again, etc. etc. I’m hard pressed to keep my small garden/yard going and it’s pretty much on auto-pilot. I plant it and if it makes it . . . great – if it doesn’t, it gets replaced with something else. My days of coddling flowers (i.e., city style) are through. I probably lost a few plants this winter thanks to that 13 degree night, but at least I know that the ones that survived have got to be hardy. And if I’m looking to replace something, I’ll certainly look for some more of those plants that survived.

I figure it will take me at least a month or two to get things back in order, but that’s OK – I’ll enjoy being outside listening to the birds and the bees, smelling the new clover, and pretty much just being thankful for all my blessings.

For those that enjoy driving through the Texas Hill Country during Bluebonnet season (they should be blooming around the end of March) – you can get more information about the different festivals and trails on This Is Our Texas – the weather will still be pleasant and there’s so much to see. Don’t forget the camera!

3 comments to Spring in Texas is More than Bluebonnets

  • This is a great gardening post. My wife is crazy about gardening as well. We would be saving a lot of money if she would just stop buying seeds lol.

  • Howdy

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