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Raising Bear

bear_1Last week was one of those weeks that couldn’t end too quickly. Mainly due to the fact that I had to have a . . . YIKES!!! . . . root canal on Wednesday. Enough said about that. On the other hand, we picked up our puppy on Saturday and brought him home. He is a real cutie . . . but then what puppy isn’t?? He’s a German Shepherd and his name is Bear. We’ve already experienced a major change to our otherwise routine and sometimes mundane life around here – but all for the better. He is such fun – but have to say, I think he’s going to keep us on our toes.


madisonville_3Went to pick blueberries this morning – and to my horror, there was a snake wrapped up the netting. Dead. Not the first time this has happened. Once they get in to the folded netting at the bottom – they can’t seen to get themselves out. He looked tied up like a knot – so much so, that at first wasn’t sure exactly what I was looking at. David is going to have a fit when I ask him to get him out of there. He hates snakes!!!!


Back tracking a little, on Friday we took a short drive to Madisonville to check out Walker’s Cafe. We’d driven by it many a time but never had time to stop and check it out. We mainly wanted to see inside because it looked like one of those wonderful old cafes that time forgot. You know the kind, they have 25 cent coffee and old-fashioned soda fountain. We weren’t disappointed.


madisonville_4We received a good old country welcome as soon as we entered. The interior is pure Texas. Murals on the walls picture local brands and noted cowboys Рwhile the carved mantle behind the vintage marble fountain counter has beautiful leaded glass inserts.


Since it was middle of the afternoon when we got there, we weren’t hungry for a meal – but did order a vanilla malt. Full sugar no less. It arrived nice and thick. So thick in fact that we ended up eating it with a spoon. The faster to enjoy it I might add. But, since David didn’t need that much sugar – I made the supreme sacrifice and helped him eat it. ūüôā


While we were there one of the owners – Angela – sat down and visited with us for a while, until other customers coming in took her away. She was full of information about the cafe’s history and all the plans she and Noella have. We had such a great time that we’re trying to find a reason to go back to Madisonville just so we can get another malt. Maybe, we’ll try strawberry next time!




While in Madisonville we had a nice browse through the local antique store located on the square – Vintage Finds. At the back of the store they had some pieces of huge printing equipment.¬† Would like to know how they got them in there.¬†¬†Each piece looked like it weighted a couple of tons.¬† ¬†Will have to take the camera in next time to get a few.¬†¬† We enjoyed looking around at all the ‘stuff’ in spite of not having our camera.¬† They had just about anything you might want – and just like the caf√©, everyone there was very friendly and helpful.





Last thing to tell you about – got an email from my cousin Kathleen with a link to a video about a new way to save someone from cardiac arrest. The method was developed by two doctors from Arizona – and if you have time to watch the video at the link below (a quick 5 minutes) I think you’ll find it good information to know.¬† PS:¬† On looking for a video rather than give a link – it would seem that this procedure has been around a while.¬† Still worth watching if you haven’t heard of it.





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