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Today’s Menu


Tuesday, Sept. 28– Fried talapia with waffle fries, fresh broccoli and cucumber salad

Monday, Sept. 27 – Homemade chicken and dumplings, green beans, tomato salad

Monday, Sept. 21Homemade meat loaf, fresh green beans with new potatoes, corn on the cob, green pea salad

Sunday, Sept. 20 – Mesquite pork loin, oven roasted small potatoes, green beans, yeast rolls

Friday, Sept. 11 – Spaghetti and meat balls, garlic bread, cucumber salad

Thursday, Sept. 10– Quesadillas, rice and chili con queso with chips

Tuesday, Sept. 8– Penne Pasta Cassarole, green beans, garlic bread

Monday, Sept. 7– Roast beef with gravey, rice , fried cabbage and yeast rolls

Sunday, Sept. 6 – Roast beef, new potatoes, green beans

Wednesday, Sept. 3– Pan fried fish, baked potato with all the fixings and home made cole slaw.

Friday, August 28 – Oven ‘fried’ chicken, Colorado corn!! mashed potatoes and fresh broccoli

Thursday, August 27 – WooHoooo got to eat out in Palestine – Fajitas !!

Wednesday, August 26 – Homemade hamburgers with waffle fries.

Tuesday, August 25– Salmon croquettes, Pasta bowties with cheese sauce, yellow squash with fried onions, fresh yeast rolls

Monday, August 24 – Blackened Talapia, New potatoes Lyonnaise, Green beans, Garlic-Cheese Biscuits

Sunday, August 23 – Smoked pork chops, candied yams (w/brown sugar & cinnamon), fresh green beans and garlic-cheese-biscuits

Saturday, August 22 – BBQ’d Country Style Pork Ribs, Homemade potato salad, baked beans

Friday, August 21 – Ate out today – Yipeeee!!

Thursday, August 20 – Leftover fried rice (but added in shrimp & extra veggies) & finished off the fried dumplings. I don’t the same thing twice but the shrimp gave it a new flavor and I will not waste food.

Wednesday, Augsut 19 – Pork fried rice (from leftovers),  fried dumplings with sweet & sour sauce

Tuesday, August 18 – Roast pork loin with pan gravy, steamed rice, yellow squash with green onions and cantaloupe

Monday, August 17 –Seasoned fried pork chops, New-Potatoes-Monica  (butter, chives and seasonings), Fresh green beans with olive oil and garlic, Spiced apple rings.