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Sleep……by Eric Whitacre

Back on the computer this week… sort of. My body is here and I’m typing but my brain is still relaxing on the deck sipping  iced tea while I watch the hummingbirds on the feeder. It was so nice to take some time off and relax – even at that did manage to get a few things done.

Got some of the grass moved from the bed where the herb box is – to the front yard. We’re in a perpetual state of transplanting St. Augustine grass around the yard. But, mostly I’m pleased with getting the ‘office’ re-arranged and several boxes of unused supplies moved out. We can actually walk and move around without having to walk sideways like a crab – and we can find stuff!!!

I always find it amazing what people do – and was completely boggled this last week when I watched a video about a guy (Eric Whitacre ) who has put together a YouTube video of a song – that is sung by a virtual choir of over 2,000 people from all over the world.

The music – and graphics – are like nothing I’ve ever seen or heard … and the concept is amazing. Simple explanation – each voice was recorded individually and then the editor put it all together so it sounds like one choir singing.

I’ve put two links  below for you if you have time to watch. First is the choir singing Sleep (watch all the way to the end to see all the names of the choir members and their countries) – followed by the second video of Eric explaining how the project came to be. Second video may be a little long for some – 14 minutes – but well worth watching.

First Video

This is the link to the YouTube Video of Sleep – there’s a short ad before they start singing…. click here.

Second Video

This is the link explaining how the project came to be … click here.

With all the turmoil and unhappiness in the world today – it’s soothing to listen to this song and know that if we look… there’s still beauty to be found out there.

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