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Recipes for Life

linusblankeTWith the end of the year approaching, have the tendency to take a look back at things. Don’t know if this is good or bad – but thoughts just creep in . . . how far we’ve come with David’s illness,  what’s happening out there in the world and what is waiting for us next year.   Guess it’s good I don’t have a crystal ball.


When things are bad . . .  good . . .   changing or unknown, I’ve found my ‘recipes for life’ seem to kick in.   Sort of like Linus, they’re my security blanket.


With all that being said, taking a look online the other day read a saying that really stuck.  Wonder who thinks these up?  For myself, there are several ‘recipes’ that I’ve followed – correction:  tried to follow – over the years.  My favorites are below.

Obviously the first I learned – taught by my parents –  was the Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”    Not always easy.

When in elementary, read this one in a newspaper.  In fact, it made such an impression at the time that  I cut it out and kept if for many years on my desk . . .  sadly, it is now gone but not forgotten . . . . “It is not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game. “ 

Guess I would have to say my favorite  is this one as it has helped get me through some really tough times.  Found  it at a garage sale in Houston.  It still hangs in my bathroom where I see it at the start of every day.



 “A truth I’ve learned with passing years significant, sublime, that all your troubles right themselves, if only given time. “


Have to think I’m still waiting for some of my troubles to ‘get right’. 

The recipe I read the other day was helpful,  especially if there are things we think others should be doing.



So true….sigh.


And last but certainly not least, is the one my mom used to always say – ‘ This too shall pass’.     I think of this one and remember that the difficult times,  the times we aren’t particularly happy with what’s going on will eventually ‘pass’ and be replaced with something better – or at least that’s what we hope.





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