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One Year Anniversary

David_Bear_JOCLNote from Jan- Most anniversaries should be celebrations.  And, today, that is what we are doing  . . . celebrating David’s being home. 


Just realized that it is one year to the day that David came home from the Nursing Home Rehab . . . in a wheelchair, on multiple pain meds since he was still in a significant amount of pain and not eating.

To say that he has made a remarkable recovery would be an understatement.   He – or maybe I should say ‘we’ – are now walking every day about half a mile, at least once – sometimes twice if it’s cool enough.   We’ve even added power walking in to increase our aerobics. He has been off all his pain meds since early June, and can now ease the discomfort he feels with a Tylenol, plus he’s put on almost all the weight he’d lost. Looks just like he did before!!  (He’s put on about 20 lbs. since the picture was taken – but I do love that picture !)

Have to say there were times when I didn’t think he’d come out of it – and never once thought we’d have days like we’re having now. Prayer is truly amazing . . . add in all the doctors, nurses, family members, friends and everyone else that gave us encouragement and help along the way – we are truly blessed.

After writing that last statement, just remembered something that happened the day David had his very first chemo treatment.

Needless to say, we were both upset sitting in the room where they give the infusions. Tubes and bags were everywhere with monitors beeping and nurses hurrying around.   While we were there waiting for the drips to finish, a nice looking young man came walking by   – assumed he was a patient as he was in street clothes – stopped right in front of us, turned and in a soft voice, said, ‘God wants me to tell you that you have His Blessing.” With that he turned and left out the double doors.  Nothing else . . . no name, no pleasantries, nothing.   Now, after what we’ve been through this past year,  think I can truly say that young man was right, we did indeed – and do – have His Blessing.




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