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Mother’s Day Wishes . . .

For those of us that no longer have our moms around – Mother’s Day is a bitter-sweet time. Most of us have families, spouses and of course, our children that make the day special – however, it sometimes seems there’s nothing  more empty than a Mother’s Day without ‘Mom’.

I was blessed to have the best Mom ever. Mother – who I affectionately called Charlie – was a lady in every sense of the word.  She  always with a kind, encouraging word – not just for me but for everyone who knew her. She raised me to be self-sufficient – when women having a ‘career to fall back on’ wasn’t the norm. She taught me how to cook and to love flowers, how to be thrifty, save for tomorrow and plan for the future. She taught me to enjoy and make the most of every day because she said you never knew what tomorrow might bring.    She instilled a deep sense of faith in me that has taken me through many tough times and last but not least – she taught me that regardless of the situation there’s always hope because . . . “this too shall pass” . . . and tomorrow will bring a new day

There isn’t enough room here for me to tell you all the wonderful things  about my Mom and her unconditional love for me . . . the  never ending love she had for my Dad,  the beautiful poetry she wrote and the never-wavering dedication she had for her family….if you’re lucky enough to be able to share this coming Mother’s Day with your mom – enjoy and savor every moment  because “this too shall pass”.

Happy Mother’s Day…..  and here’s one of my favorite songs – a tribute to anyone that inspires you. . . .

1 comment to Mother’s Day Wishes . . .

  • JeannieM

    How wonderful to see her beautiful face. She absolutely blessed every life she touched. I think of her so often.