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Mildred Ruth

Mildred Ruth – now there’s a name you don’t hear everyday. And one I hadn’t thought of in many years until yesterday. David and I were ‘sharing’ an apple. It’s kind of a daily routine for us – we have an apple snack middle of the morning. Honeycrisp are our favorites – they are crunchy and juicy.   Anyway – we were having our apple snack and I had carefully divided the slices on the plate. His to one side, mine to the other. In fact, I even told him, “those are yours, these are mine.” Only because I’d already eaten a couple of my slices and I wanted to be sure he got his fair share.


Well can you imagine…. we sat down and what apple slice does he go for first. You got it… mine! For a split second I felt just like the time Mildred Ruth snatched my orange soda . . . right out of my dad’s hand as he was handing it to me. Neither one of us could have been much more than 4 years old – but I have NOT forgotten having my orange soda snatched and having to drink her grape one instead. She immediately put the orange soda bottle in her mouth and started drinking so I was left to have the grape she had asked for – and I didn’t much like grape soda. Still don’t. Don’t know what happened to Mildred Ruth – for some reason we didn’t see that part of the family much… but her memory lingers on.


Half-way through with Christmas stuff. Still need to wrap some gifts and do a little baking. Right now I’m leaning towards making some Baklava and some Jam Sticks – they always seem to be a hit with the guys.  David loves them and so did my Dad.   Also, need to bake something to take to the neighbors. Maybe Sugar cookies   with frosting and decorations or maybe so of those Rodeo Nuts. Both of those taste good and pack nicely.


At the store last week, the Christmas trees smelled just like I remember them smelling when I was a kid. Brought back nice memories. Seems everyone is in such a hurry to get things done – me included (sigh). But saw this video of a ‘flash mob’ in a mall – beautiful voices and filled with traditional Christmas sentiment. Enjoy…..



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