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Lemon-y Delight Bars & Politicians

Haven’t made up my mind yet whether or not I’ll attend ‘my favorite auction’ this weekend. Johnny Norman is having an on-site auction in Wortham – sounds like it will be a good one and I have bought some very interesting things at his sales. One of my all time favorites purchases is a diary written (really typed)  by a school teacher (Minerva Love c1939-41). The diary – very detailed in many ways – begins with a trip she and a friend made to Guatemala over the Christmas holidays.

When she returned home she continued to keep track of her activities, work, world news, politics and everyday living – including costs. I find her thoughts to be very well presented and a window to another time. While thumbing through the type-written pages this morning – they are so fragile I’ve had to put them is plastic sleeves to keep them from tearing – I found the following excerpt to be somewhat timely. I’m not a very political person – but after reading Minerva’s diary – I find it curious that in 60 years things haven’t changed very much.

I hope you’ll enjoy her diary as much as I do. According to her notes, the following is a quote from LIBERTY, August 17, 1940

Begin quote

August 19….

The empty patriot of a country, not the critic is the dangerous citizen.

The obstacles crooked politicians put in the way of our voting intelligently and effectively often seem insurmountable. In spite of our constitutional guaranties, the right to vote is still limited in 8 states by a subterfuge known as the poll tax. Poll tax was invented by Roman conquerors more that two thousand years ago. No president of the United States ever has been elected by a majority vote of their follow countrymen. In 1936 there were 9 poll-tax states; with a combined electorate of over 12,000,000 votes, or less than 1/4 of their potential electorate. If this poll-tax prerequisite to voting is aimed only at the colored citizens, the aim has turned out to be poor; Two thirds of the potential white voters of Virginia are disfranchised. The figure in Texas is 70%. In all the 9 poll-tax states in 1936 there were over 5,000,000 native white citizens of voting age who were voteless.

End quote


The poll tax has gone the way of the do-do bird, but not so with the obfuscation of issues by politicians … or their desire to maintain complete control. I guess some things never change.



New Recipes

If you’re looking for a cool, summer dessert, visit– a new recipe I’ve added (sugarfree, of course) is Lemon-y Delight Bars. Easy and delicious. Also, uploaded a homemade spaghetti sauce that’s really good and has no added sugar or salt.

I’m playing hookey this week from the computer and working out in the yard.  The weather here has been just too perfect to stay inside.  David and I have gotten  a lot of projects completed and the old place is looking good again!  The beautiful flower picture was taken at Nancy’s house in Crockett – she has a yard full of beautiful flowers 🙂

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