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Happy ‘Snoopy’ Halloween

halloweensnoopyAs far as holidays go – Halloween seems to have a more significant role than in the past. In fact, the stores have just about as much merchandise dedicated to ghosts and goblins as they do to Christmas. However, growing up I didn’t need anything ghostly on Halloween – because we lived in what I like to refer to as a ‘haunted house’. No it wasn’t some old 3-story Victorian monstrosity like you see in the movies shrouded with moss covered trees. It was a modest little 1-story, 2-bedroom home in a quiet neighborhood. Nothing special about it . . . other than the things that happened there. If you’re wondering if I – as a child – personally experienced any strange happenings in this house, yes, I did. But for today I’m sharing two of my parent’s experiences.

halloweenbearsI know most people don’t believe in ghosts and spirits – but how could I not help but question the possibility of their existence having lived in a house where strange and unusual things happened. On more than 1 occasion (in the morning) mother would get up to find all her what-nots (small china figurines) she had so neatly arranged on the kitchen window sill were now sitting in the porcelain kitchen sink. All of them standing up – none of them broken . . not even damaged. The little bears are some of her what-nots that I still have today.

Another incident occurred when my dad was writing some letters on the kitchen table and had gone to another room to get some stamps. When he left, both the letters and the fountain pen were laying in the middle of the table. When he came back the letters were there but the pen was gone. My dad knew he hadn’t moved it so he asked my mom and me if we had taken it. Neither of us had . . . so we all spent the next several minutes searching the house for it – to no avail. However, when we finally reached the point of giving up the search and had gone back into the kitchen to clear the letters away – guess what? Yup, you’re right! There was the pen . . . laying right in the middle of the table – just where my dad had left it!

For those that might think the pen had gotten covered up with papers and had somehow gotten ‘uncovered’ – not possible. The very first thing my parents did was to take all the papers off the table and sort through everything. They even checked the curtains behind the table in case the pen had somehow gotten knocked off and caught between the table and wall. If you’re thinking it might have fallen on the floor – no, we checked the floor with a flashlight. And if it had been on the floor . . . who put it back on top of the table???

Growing up in a ‘haunted house’ was very interesting – but it’s one of those experiences in life where once is enough.  Happy Halloween!!

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