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Guardian Angels . . . Do You Believe?

guardianangelHave you ever been driving along and had someone pull right out in front of you?  Going 20 miles under the speed limit no less?

This is what happened to us coming back from Palestine on Tuesday.  We were on our way home from the doctor’s office, anxious to get back when seemingly out of no where this old pickup truck pulls right out in front of us.   Obviously in no hurry to get out of our way.   Might add, I never even saw him before he turned in front of us.    Since there is major road construction along this stretch, there was no way I was ever going to be able to  pass.  So just resigned myself to the 35 miles per hour he was going.

In my younger days this would have driven me crazy.  But not anymore.  I’ve learned pretty much to take things as they come.  Mainly because I figure there is a reason for everything . . . sometimes these reasons become known much later down the road – no pun intended – but then sometimes the reason is made known quickly.

Such was the case this past Tuesday.  The truck turned off after a couple of minutes and we were able to return to our normal speed.  After another couple of minutes of travel, we spied what appeared to be flashing lights ahead.

Slowing down as we approached, we could see that there had been a terrible wreck.  One car was in the road upside down, other cars in the ditch.  People were running from houses and businesses to help.  In fact, it had happened so recently that there were no emergency vehicles or police on the scene.  So what were the flashing lights we saw?  They were the lights on the upside down car blinking.

I have to wonder, IF that pickup  truck hadn’t pulled out in front of us  and slowed us down when it did. .  . would we have been part of the wreck?  Timing seemed about right for us to have been in the middle of it.  Guess I’ll never know for sure, but I like to think that our guardian angel was looking out for us, keeping us safe.


Fourth of July

We’re looking forward to the Fourth, it’s our anniversary. Number 29.    And, looking back to last year,  I have to marvel at how far we’ve come.  Must admit, there were times when I didn’t think David and I would see another anniversary.  But here we are and so very thankful for each and every day.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth and, like David always has said,  “isn’t it great that everyone shoots  fireworks off for us !!”






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