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Friends and Cherry Pie

cherrypieWent to visit some dear friends in Waco yesterday. The day was cold (by my standards….below 65 degrees) – but the sky was blue and it was a beautiful day. We don’t get to visit as much as we like – but when we do get together it is a lot of fun and we have a grand time.

The trip was easy – a lot less traffic  than I thought there would be – and we got there in time to visit for a while before going out to eat. Went to a ‘homey’ little Mexican restaurant for enchiladas. It was a wonderful little restaurant . . . not far from where they live – nothing fancy but the food was delicious, very affordable and lots of it!  If you’re every in the Waco/Bellmead area look for Rancho Grande.

cherrypie2After lunch went for a little drive to see a new Mammoth exhibit. If I understood correctly, this is a fairly new exhibit (privately owned) – but after arriving didn’t get to go in – appeared they were closed.  From what Hilton said – when you go into the building – it looked huge – the floor (or part of it, not sure about this part) is glass and you can look down through it to the ground below where the exhibits are.  Sounds really amazing and definitely think I’d like to see that next time we head that way !!

When we got back to the house, Peggy had baked a cherry pie for dessert. Neither David nor I had had any cherry pie in literally years – so boy did we enjoy it.

cherrypiehiltonpeggyGood friends, cherry pie and a hot cup of coffee on a cold day – doesn’t get any better.   Didn’t get the recipe for Peggy’s pie – but Peggy – if you’re reading this – I  sure would like to have that recipe :).

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