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Favorite Things

When I was working in an office in Houston I always dreaded Mondays.  If anything was going to go wrong – Monday was the day.  When we moved to the country I thought Mondays would be kinder to me.   All those difficult Mondays would be behind me.   I have learned that is not so.  Today was ‘one of those Mondays’.  Nothing really bad – one of the gold fish died,  I noticed the squirrels got the peaches over the weekend and I couldn’t find my copy of my Adobe program (spent the better part of the afternoon looking for it – that’s why this post is late).  None life-threatening – but still not fun-times.

So I decided to think positive and take pictures of  some of my favorite things in my house and talk about them.  Things that make me smile  🙂

monday_cabinetTo the left is an old. oak embroidery cabinet I bought about 20 years ago and now use for a side table in the den.   I’ve  loaded it with all different colors of embroidery thread just for fun.      monday_crossThe cross is made of  beautiful   opalescent glass  in shades of purple, tan  and gold.  There is a space for a tea-candle behind it if you want to light it up or it is fun to lay in bed at night and see it glow in the dark.    monday_dobby 

Dobby is a permanent house guest.   We found him at an estate auction in North Texas a few years back.  He is full-sized and  looks very realistic – just  like in the Harry Potter movie – Chamber of  Secrets.  While I am a Harry Potter fan  I must confess I have not read all of the books.  monday_sampler

I embroidered this sampler for my mom – Emilie  – many, many years ago and it now hangs in my breakfast room.  Mom kept it in her kitchen for as long as I can remember and now that she is gone it is a little bit of her I can keep with me and see every day.


I love flowers (can’t you tell?)  and this vase is one of my very top favorite things.  It has a crack along the top but  I don’t care.  I think I would have bought it even if the whole back side had been missing I like it so much.  It sits in the bedroom on top of the bookcase  –  and after David – it’s the first thing I see every morning . . . .  and sometimes it’s even first!

1 comment to Favorite Things

  • JeannieM

    Thank you for sharing all your favorite things! I love seeing the things you cherish. The vase is exquisite.