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Everyday Angel

When we think of angels we typically think of winged beings, emanating a heavenly glow, dressed in translucent, flowing gowns. However, what I like to refer to as  ‘my angel’ did not appear as such.  She was dressed in a white, button-up-the-front blouse, full, dark blue skirt with a belt, very plain shoes with her brown hair in a conventional hair style typical of the very late 1950’s.  Note from Jan – after re-reading this post, thought I’d say that this description is in no way meant to diminish ‘my angel’ but to rather say that one never knows who they might be encountering and that angels surely must take the form  most needed to fulfill their ‘duties’. 


These were the times when schools still had what we affectionately referred to as the ‘May-Fete’ . . . a fun, almost carnival type event held after school with booths of assorted foods and treats, grab bags, as well as tables full of  student,  handmade items for sale.  Needless to say, these occasions  were much anticipated.  And this year was no different.


After class had ended, like everyone else, I was ready to enjoy the festivities. But first I was going to meet my best friend so we could share the fun together.

While on my way to the meeting place, I happened to pass an open classroom with a sign on the door . . . must confess I don’t remember if it read ‘Palm Reading’ or ‘Fortune Telling’ – it has been so long – but having always had an interest in that type of thing, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have my palm read.  I expected to see two teachers but not so.  Inside were two ladies I did not know – some student’s mothers I thought – sitting in the little student chairs.  The lady on the right was telling one student’s fortune while the lady on the left was waiting.  I walked in, unsure as to where to go and was asked by the lady on the left to take a seat and give her my hand . . . which I did.


She gently took my hand in hers and smoothed out my fingers looking – as if with interest – at the small palm before her. She then began to speak.


“Oh, I see a lot here. You have lovely long fingers.  I see you typing.  Typing for an oil company.  But I also see that you are going to be sick.  You will be sick for a very long time.  But please don’t worry.  You will get well.”


On that note, I was told that was all she had to say so I left to find my friend. I just knew that she would want to have her fortune told as well.


When I arrived at the designated meeting spot, my friend was already there waiting for me. I excitedly told her about having my fortune read and that she should go and get her palm read as well.  So off we went.


The walk back to the classroom wasn’t far and as we turned the corner there was a teacher standing in front of one of the two doors leading into the classroom.   We rushed over but the classroom was dark and the doors locked.


“Where are the fortune tellers, ” I asked. “I was just here and got my fortune told,  and my friend wants to have her fortune told too.”


The teacher replied, “I’m sorry, but you must be mistaken. There’s no one telling fortunes here.”


As an adult looking back at this time, I have to wonder  . . . who would tell a child they are going to be sick?  Maybe someone giving hope?   I like to think this was ‘my angel’ preparing me for what was to come.

Did this really happen?  Absolutely.

And to answer the question you may ask . . .


Did I get sick? Yes.

Was I sick for a very long time? Yes.

Did I get better? Yes, even though the doctors never did find out what the problem was.  In fact, one doctor once told  me, “You’re what we call a brain teaser.”

Did I end up typing for a job? Yes.

Did I work for an oil company. In a way. I always worked for engineering companies who built refineries for major oil companies.


Think I can say it all came true.


As I’ve gone through life, based on this experience . . .   I always look at people and wonder . . . maybe they’re someone’s Everyday Angel.


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Prosperous New Year – see you in 2018.







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