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Curve Karma


We’ve all heard of ‘Murphy’s Law’ – if something can go wrong it will. However, I’d never been exposed to ‘curve karma’ until we moved to the country. Curve karma is an unusual phenomenon unique to the country. When traveling from one place to another and driving down quiet Farm Roads – usually roughly paved or dirt – you typically do not meet another car.   However, if you happen to meet a car – curve karma will kick in and you will meet the one and only car on a curve . . . . and the curve will be sharp and the road narrow.   I’ve dubbed this occurance ‘curve karma’.

Curve karma can also take other forms – such as meeting 2 or 3 other trucks/cars at the intersection of 2 Farm Roads in the middle of nowhere when you haven’t seen a car since you left home.   They have a stop sign, you’ve got the ‘right of way’, and you are wondering as you approach the intersection , “are they gonna stop?”   Curve karma can also cover meeting a large truck just as you approach a 1 car bridge and are traveling at a speed so that you both are going to cross at the exact same moment – which would put to the test whether or not two objects can occupy the same space at the same time.  Being cautious people – we always give the right of way to large trucks. 🙂    The picture is of the road we take home – and yes, we’ve had many experiences of curve karma right there on that lovely ‘S’ curve.

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