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Butterflies . . . Heaven & Earth

bfroundButterflies – those lovely delicate creatures that seem to just float along on the breeze with no particular direction have long been a favorite of collectors. There are those that enjoy collecting various specimens for the more scientific pursuit, there are those that enjoy collecting butterfly objects simply for the beauty of it all . . . and then there are those for whom the butterfly holds a special, almost spiritual meaning.

bfcropcircleAlthough my personal favorite is the lady bug – I’m writing about butterflies because I saw a couple of extraordinary ‘butterfly’ images this week. I received an email from a friend with a butterfly picture attachment. Mind you, not your conventional butterfly picture – but a crop circle butterfly with the figure of a ‘man’ representing the body. If you are not familiar with crop circles, they are large designs that mysteriously appear in crops around the world – predominantly in England and Europe. Regardless of your belief . . . that crop circles are made by humans in the middle of the night stomping around with boards, mating hedge-hogs or some other ‘unknown’ source – you have to admit this crop circle is pretty amazing. It appeared in a field in The Netherlands and is the largest crop circle ever – at 530 Meters x 450 Meters – that is an unbelievable 1,467.4 Feet x 1,738.8 Feet!! That’s equivalent to over 53 football fields!! If you would like to see more fascinating crop circles, visit The Crop Circle Connector.

bfcelestialNow if you think that one is big – how about finding a butterfly in outer space? It would seem that butterflies are not limited to Earth. The Hubble telescope has captured some gorgeous images of space recently – one which resembles a butterfly – sans antennae. The colors in the Hubble photos are incredible and from what little I’ve read – the different colors represent different properties to the scientists – gas composition, temperature, density and motion of the object to name a few. I find it almost incomprehensible that such gorgeous pictures – or any picture for that matter – can be taken in space, of space and then somehow or other sent back to earth with such quality and clarity. I have to wonder – do any of the scientific people pouring over all this data ever stop their analyzing – maybe once in a while, for a minute or two – and simply admire¬†in awe the beauty of our universe? I know I would.¬† If you would like to see more of the Hubble photos visit

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