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But For The Grace of God . . .

Our New Year started off with a ‘bang’ or more accurately a rumble.   We were roused from sleep by a phone call Monday morning (last week) round 5:30am – County Emergency Alert – that we were in the path of a strong line of thunderstorms that would be passing through our area.  These storms would include high wind, hail and rain.




If you’re like me, getting a phone call at an odd hour  in the early morning or in the middle of the night means there’s no going back to sleep.  So I got up and let Bear out for a potty break in case the storm lasted past his ‘break’ time.  It wasn’t bad outside when we went out.  Not terribly cold, little or no wind and certainly no rain . . . yet.


Came back in and sat down in the den, in the dark . . . and waited.   Didn’t have to wait long before lightening flashes lit up the windows.  Like someone outside flipping a light switch on / off really fast.  That wasn’t too bad and didn’t hear a lot of rain but did hear what sounded suspiciously like a tornado passing over.   If you’ve ever heard one, you’ll never forget that sound.  I kept thinking, maybe it’s just a lot of large hail hitting on the metal roof – but the rumbling sound kept on rumbling.


By the time I heard all that noise, it was too late to think of heading to the shelter.   So I just sat there . . . hoping, praying – that  if it was a tornado –   it didn’t do any damage.   Or better yet, maybe it was just hail.


The rumbling didn’t last that long – and after about half an hour everything else was over as well. Still too dark to see outside so I just sat there with Bear  waiting for morning light.


When I could see outside, thankfully, no damage had been done. But was I surprised to see in our local paper later that week that a series of tornadoes had in deed raked  across our area.  Guess it wasn’t hail after all.


Update: Went to the store in Buffalo today (wrote post yesterday)  and passed through some of the affected areas – and boy were we lucky that tornado passed over us.  One really cute little  house had the entire front porch torn off with the roof peeled back, a local cafe looked like a bomb had gone off inside – all the glass windows were broken with the curtains flapping through.  Café also had roof damage and damage to out buildings.  Lots and lots of trees along the road were snapped off with boo-coodles of branches laying  everywhere.  One pile of debris that some people  had been piled up must have been 10 foot tall.  No telling how much more damage we couldn’t see to homes, sheds, etc. along the storms path.  May try to go back and get a few pictures – if time permits. 

1/12 – Here are a few pictures hurriedly put together




New Start

To me the New Year seems like a good time to take inventory of everything and maybe make some changes . . . for the better I always hope. To that end saw an article  online from Cure Joy [1] that pretty well summed everything up.   I’m going to paraphrase their thoughts, and give the link at the end for those that would italian_flowers_onroadlike to see the original wording.


  • Our present situation is not the final destination. The best is yet to come.
  • Sometimes the bad things that happen are the stepping stone to the best things .
  • If you don’t like where you are; move, you are not a tree (My favorite one)
  • You can’t start the next chapter if you keep reading the last one over and over.
  • If the door doesn’t open, it’s not your door and you’re not meant to go through.
  • Sometimes you just need to stop – and as they say ‘smell the roses’
  • Sometimes you need to talk to a 3-year old to understand the simplicity of life.
  • Listen and Silent are spelled with the same letters (My second favorite)
  • Don’t over-think, just follow your heart
  • You don’t have to have all the answers to move forward
  • Never stop believing – miracles happen every day.

For those who would like to read the original, please visit this link. 


The picture below  is of the moon – now that in itself is not that big of a deal. But have to say I was amazed to see the moon in the sky around noon-time when noon_moon


Bear and I went walking.   And, just so you’ll know – it looked much more impressive in person than in this picture.



We’re looking for warmer weather this week – back to the 70’s YEAH !!!! And be sure to check back next week – I’ll post my recipe for restaurant-style queso along with a couple of kitchen tips.













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