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A Tale of Two Rainbows


PinkDogwood_2015Thought Easter would be the perfect time to share my tale of two rainbows with you.

Seems life today is not easy . .  . and having to deal with a major illness does not make it any easier.  Had it not been for my faith, my prayers and the prayers of  so many others,  I could not have made it all these many months.  In fact, I have found myself many times just talking to God asking for strength and His help.

Such was the situation I found myself in the summer of 2014.  We had just found out about David’s cancer, which was a terrible blow – and my son and his wife were having difficulties in selling their house.  It seemed that everything in my whole world was going wrong.

I walked out into the back yard and asked God, “Please can you help?  Please, let me know that everything is going to be alright.  Could give me a sign of some sort . . .  maybe a rainbow – something to let me know that things will be okay,” with that I went back inside.

A little later I went back out.  It was a summer day and there were a few  clouds in the sky but not the kind you typically associate with rain . .  . however, as I started down the walk, a very light rain began to fall,  and when I looked up, I saw the small part of a rainbow in the sky.  Faint and small , but still there.  “Thank you Heavenly Father,” I said. I felt my prayers had been answered.

A couple of weeks later, things had not gotten any better.  We were looking at an overwhelming treatment plan for David – chemo, medicines, special diets, etc.  and my son and his wife still had unresolved house issues.   If possible, things seemed worse than they had  two weeks ago.

Again I turned to my faith and again  in the back yard,  lifting my face to the Heavens I asked, “Heavenly Father I know I ask for things that maybe don’t fit Your Plan, but can You please, please help me.  If You can’t give me the things I ask for, then can You please at least show me that You hear my prayers even if You can’t answer them?  Can You send me another sign?  Maybe another rainbow?  But this time Heavenly Father, could You maybe make it a little bigger than the last one so that I’ll know that You really do hear me? “  This was a lot to ask for considering rain was not in the forecast and there weren’t many clouds around.




With that I went back inside.  Shortly, I took some trash out to put in the trash can behind the garage.  On looking up to the sky I was awe struck to see the biggest  rainbow I’ll ever see arcing  from horizon to horizon across the sky in the brightest colors I’d ever seen . . . in fact, it almost looked opaque . . . as if someone had taken a paint brush and painted it.  I was speechless.  All I could do was stand there and stare at the most perfect rainbow I knew I’d ever see in this world.

I find comfort in knowing that while God doesn’t give us everything we may ask for – He does hear us – and everything will be done according to His Plan.

After almost a year, life has leveled out.  David is doing so well that we’re talking of making plans for short trips to visit friends and relatives, and my son and his wife are happy and settled living in their beautiful, new home.  Everything has turned out just like I wanted, maybe not on my time schedule , but like it should be . . . and we are so thankful.

Final Note:  Everyone I’ve told this story to has asked me did you get a picture??  No,  I didn’t.  Why?  Because the rainbow was so big and so close to me, right over my head, that it would have been impossible for my little camera to capture it completely.  I’ve included a pretty rainbow picture, just imagine it all the way across the sky, a hundred times brighter and so much bigger.   

Happy Easter & God Bless !





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