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A Memorial


Four things you can’t recover –

The Stone after the throw . . .

the Word after it’s said . . .

the Occasion after it’s missed . . .

and Time  after it’s gone

This is a tribute to my Uncle George Charles Cermak- we buried him last week.  As a child I remember him staying with us while he worked in Houston.  My memory of him is that he was a fun uncle – enjoyed reading comics to me and one day brought me a little wind-up red jalopy with black wheels that I still have today. 

Uncle George was a man of unsung courage having served and survived 5 major campaigns in World War II.  One of which was against Rommel in Africa.    I can only imagine the horror of that war but Uncle George never talked much about his years in the services – Army & US Coast Guard – or what happened.  Rather he was a quiet man keeping those memories and thoughts to himself choosing to spend his life quietly at the end.    We will miss him greatly but know he has found peace.

Thought . . .  it never hurts to  ‘be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet  is fighting some kind of battle.’

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