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The Water Bowl

rainbowswirlsFunny how circumstances can coincide. Some people might call it accidental, others might call it Karma. Whatever you call these actions that seem to overlap at just the right moment – I always find them  interesting if not curious.

I received a wonderful email from my cousin Nancy just the other day on ‘Why I forward emails’. It was about a man that had died and was walking with his dog. dogatwaterbowlI thought the message it carried about our furry 4-legged ‘friends’ was so moving that I forwarded it to my cousin Jeannie.

Little did I  know when I sent it that she had just lost her beloved Siamese kitty “Blanco” the day before  until the next day when I received an email from her thanking me for the ‘Water Bowl’.   She said how much it had meant to her knowing that Heaven isn’t Heaven without our beloved pets.

For those that have lost beloved pets, I think you’ll find  ‘The Water Bowl’   just as much a comfort as she did.

1 comment to The Water Bowl

  • JeannieM

    What a precious photo of that sweet puppy! I think Heaven is FILLED to the brim with all our beloved creatures.I loved that story! Thank you for sharing something so TRUE for all of us who cherish our “fur babies”. 🙂