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Best Onion Rings . . . by Accident!

Sometimes the best things are discovered accidentally. Such is the case with the onion rings we had for lunch yesterday. Let me go back to that morning to explain this. Thought we’d have some nice baked biscuits with sausage gravy and eggs for breakfast. Had everything going well. The water was boiling for the gravy […]

Wildflowers & Antiques

David and I spent most of Saturday at Round Top (part of the twice annual antiques fair) – couple of hours at our friend’s new antique venue – Old Henry Farm. It was his grand opening and he has done a great job on everything. The wind was a little strong but there were lots […]

Austin + Buda + Round Top = A full weekend

It is always nice to get away from everything and David and I did just that this past weekend.  We went to Austin to see out 4 month old grand-daughter, Peyton.  Hadn’t seen her or her parents since around Christmas – she was about 2 months then.  She had grown so much in just that […]