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Helpful Hints – Part 1

My preferred way of doing something is the easy way. So, thanks to an email I received from Hilton last week, I have some new, easy hints to share with you. Some, I’d not seen before but they made such good sense. One or two, we’ve tried here at home. The toothpaste on the headlights […]

Thinking Outside the Box

One thing I’ve learned about living in the country, since  it’s an hours drive to the store – any store – you learn to think outside the box (OTB). Sometimes these OTB fixes are born of necessity – like running out of milk for the cream sauce so I use powdered creamer (not as tasty but acceptable) – and […]

Who Would Have Thunk It?

While sitting out on the deck this weekend – watching all those leaves fall, got to thinking about some of the more curious things that have happened – to me and others – living out here in the country. For example, when we were living in the city, I couldn’t have a clothes line – […]