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Hydrangeas & Ammonia

Since most of my week is spent in front of the computer – I always look forward to getting outside  and the weekend wasn’t a disappointment.  I always marvel a the color and size of  hydrangeas.  I have 3 large bushes and considering they’ve  been transplanted several times since we moved here – it’s a […]

Daylilies vs. Moles

The weather today is perfect!  If you close your eyes you can almost imagine you are in either Colorado or California.  So it’s outside for me.  I’ve been wanting to clean out the daylily beds and today is the day. When we moved to the country I wanted to have as close to a maintenance free yard as possible […]

First Day of Spring – TOP 10 Projects

Since today is the ‘First Day of Spring’ – I’m sitting down and making a list of the things I want to accomplish this weekend.  And, I finally found a weed-eater I think will work for more than 1 season.  It does not use a spool for the filament but has a head I can […]