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Teeny, Tiny Hummingbirds

Nineteen days . . . and counting. As of today, that’s the number of days our Bear has left at his obedience training before he comes home. We’re really missing him – even thought he’s having a grand time as evidenced by the picture  of him getting ready for a massage. He’s at Circle Star […]

Homemade Caramel Coffee Ring

      I always think of Labor Day as the end of Summer . . . but you couldn’t tell it by the temperature outside. Too hot for man or beast . . . or should I say Bear. So David and I try to get a few yard chores done by 10 o’clock then spend […]

Flicks & Teas

If anyone would have told me having a puppy was like raising a baby – I don’t think I would have believed them. But after six weeks, count me a believer. Thankfully, we’ve fallen – pretty much – into a regular schedule. His schedule, of course But that’s ok too.  For more pictures of Bear […]

My Favorite Night Cream: 2 for 1 on Amazon!!!

This has been a new and different type of week with our pup – but in spite of his antics, we’re all settling into a routine . . . of sorts. He seems to be growing right before our eyes – and for a curious reason has developed a real fascination for my toes. Think […]

Raising Bear

Last week was one of those weeks that couldn’t end too quickly. Mainly due to the fact that I had to have a . . . YIKES!!! . . . root canal on Wednesday. Enough said about that. On the other hand, we picked up our puppy on Saturday and brought him home. He is […]