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Sticker Shock !!!!

stickershock1No – I’m not talking cars. I’m talking groceries. Since I only do major grocery shopping every 3 weeks or so, I tend to notice changes in prices more than if I shopped every week. That being said I was amazed to see how – in just a few weeks – prices had increased on some of the basic items we buy – even on the ‘generic’ store brands.

My first big shock was on the Parkay Spray ‘Butter’. Over the past few months I could purchase a bottle for under $1.00 – barely. Depending on where I shop – it now can cost anywhere from $1.69 up to a whopping $3.39. That’s a HUGE spread. And even at the lowest price – that’s an increase of 69%. Rice – which David loves – went up 57 cents from $1.12 to $1.69 – an increase right at 50%. Doesn’t look like that much does it? Cheetos – one of our sometimes snacks – went up from $2.00 to $2.50 – that’s 25%.

stickershock2Last but not least – Pringles – which we rarely eat – too much salt – went up from $1.00 to $1.50 – another 50% increase. If this rate of rising prices continues, I shudder to think what I’ll be paying a few months out. Not to say everything has gone up – but I don’t think I can name any staple item I buy at the store that sells for under $1.00 any more.

I’ve saved my grocery receipt from yesterday and will go back to the same store in a couple of months and duplicate the list just to see how much more – if any – prices have gone up. Should be interesting. When we were in Houston, I was a big coupon shopper – don’t do it quite so much here in the country since we don’t have the Sunday newspaper anymore – but you can be sure I’m going to be hunting for places on the Internet to find good coupons to help bring down my grocery bill.

To help you get started saving some $$$ too – here are a few links I found for good coupons – Swiffer and Swiffer productsSmart Source CouponsShort Cuts,  and My Savings (coupons & free stuff).

I’m going to put up a ‘Coupon‘ page with links to coupon website, places to find free stuff and such as I find them so I can share them with you. It will be under Pages in the left column – please look for it first of next week if not sooner. They say we’re due for rain over the weekend – so if I can’t work in the yard as planned – I’ll be on my computer……. or maybe in my ‘studio’ working on that ‘Foggy Pond’ painting.

3 comments to Sticker Shock !!!!

  • JeannieM

    I am like you, I know EXACTLY what I paid for something last week at the store and loathe when prices just leap up for no rhyme or reason. Sometimes I just refuse to buy the product until I have a coupon or it goes on sale. Then I stock up. I would Love a coupon connection on your site! Would definitely be appreciated. 🙂

  • janmon

    Hey JeannieM- The Coupon Page is up and running – I’ll be adding more links as I find them. If you or anyone knows of any links that would help us all save $$$ – send them to me and I’ll add them to the list. J

  • What is it we call ourselves ‘the queen of cheap’. Groceries are jumping higher and higher in cost at an awsome rate. Buy on sale and maybe it will send a message. I’m enjoying your blogs!! Nancy