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Product Reviews: Sun Detergent & Dawn Power Clean

Found a couple of ‘new’ products that I think are worthy of mentioning. The first is the dish washer detergent that – in my opinion – actually works better than the more expensive gel name brands we had been using.  What is it? Sun . . . and surprisingly,  it’s the least expensive one on the shelf.

Ever since they took the phosphates out of the dishwasher detergents – my dishes have not seemed clean. So, after trying many different brands, Sun detergent was just about the last one on the shelf to try. What a surprise, it actually worked.

We noticed a difference in the dishes after the first wash – and to really put it to a test, I tried cleaning David’s favorite white coffee cup – that had become very stained. I did this by putting about a teaspoon of the detergent in the cup and then filling it with hot tap water. Let it sit overnight, and viola, next morning it was clean! All the stains were gone.

My next test for the Sun detergent is to try soaking some of my dingy, stained antique linens in it to see if it works equally as well on those as the old phosphate-dish detergents did. I’ll let you know. Note: Do not use bleach on linens, doilies, etc. – old or new – it damages the fibers.  And, if you’re looking for other care and cleaning tips for antiques and collectibles, visit the Texas Antique Mall Blog  or the Texas Antique Mall Compendium.

Next, is Dawn Power Soak. I like the Resolve spray-on cleaner for burned pans, cookie sheets, casseroles and crusted food, but this product claimed to deliver the equivalent of an ‘over-night’ soak in five (5) minutes. This I gotta see.

For this test, thought the stove burners would be good – they really take a beating. Got out my largest stainless steel bowl, gave it a healthy squirt of the new Dawn Power Clean and filled it with hot water. Then submerged all the drip pans.  Didn’t do anything to them prior to the soaking.   Now, while the claim was made for the product to work in 5 minutes, have to confess, I let my drip pans sit overnight . . . and, was very pleased with the results.   Almost all the burned on food, oil, etc. just washed off. There were a couple of spots that required a bit of scrubbing – but a fraction of the scrubbing it usually takes. As far as I’m concerned – that’s two out of two new products that work – not bad.

We do quite a bit or ordering on line, cheaper than driving to one of the larger cities where we shop, but were we surprised when last week,  received a delivery from Hong Kong!  Knew we hadn’t ordered anything from overseas.  But there was the envelope…customs declaration on the back and Chinese writing on the front.   What makes the whole process so unusual is that the glue we ordered online was from a company in Europe > > > with the product being manufactured in the UK > > > then sent on to Hong Kong for shipping out around the world, ie.,  Texas. Add to this the fact that we paid under $5.00 for the product AND got free shipping – makes you wonder how the heck they do it??!!

With the forecast for rain most of the weekend, looks like it’s going to be a lazy couple of days – the kind of days where you can curl up with a good book or . . . in my case  – cook.  Bought some lady fingers at the store a while back (they’ve been in the freezer ever since) but think I’ll try and make a dessert with them this weekend – mostly sugar free, of course.   IF my concoction turns out edible, I’ll pass along the recipe next week. I’m thinking of trying to make something with a lemony-flavor.  And,  with the rain ahead (YEAH!!! – we need it)  – tomorrow may just be a good day to experiment.







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