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From Inflation to Standing Ovation


In spite of the fact that the weather this week has been really nice, I’ve been spending most of my time inside working on the computer. Which translates to not much to talk about. I did find an old HEB grocery store receipt dated 2009 that I had stuck away just so I could compare future grocery prices. I know there are a lot of people that never look at the prices – but I’ve always been a price watcher. My mother taught me well. So, I sat down and gathered up some recent grocery receipts to compare – results below – and in spite of the news reporting that there is no inflation . . . I would beg to differ.


This list is not as long as I originally intended and guess that is due to either a change is how and what we eat or where we’ve started shopping, i.e., Sam’s. At any rate, the results are interesting. Some items I thought would have increased have not with some jumping over 100% . . . like watermelons. Guess those fuel costs really are taking a toll.

Grocery shopping is not one of my favorite things to do – but, if I had to shop where conditions were less than ideal – don’t know what I’d do. Hmmmmm – say for example there was a train that ran right through the middle of the market. No this isn’t just a wild idea on my part – saw a video earlier this week where a train actually runs through a Thai market – sometimes up to 8 times a day – and the shoppers and vendors have to scurry to get out of the way. Take a look at the video below!



While watching PBS last night saw a young lady – actually a 12-year old girl – that has the most amazing voice. Guess we must have been living under a rock last couple of years because she has been on America’s Got Talent, has several albums out and has even sung a duet with Sarah Brightman (one of my favorite singers) and she was news to us. She was so cute on the show last night. After singing each song – in a very mature voice – she would thank the audience in a very young voice, do a little curtsy and then wave to everyone. If you’ve not heard Jackie Evancho perform you’re in for a surprise and a treat. The video below is of Jackie singing with Sarah Brightman.  Singing begins at 1:00.


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