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Bryan-College Station ~ 2 Surprises

catwithteethWent shopping in Bryan-College Station on Friday which is always a treat. It is a college town with lots of shops, restaurants, etc. – all filled with the latest, greatest styles and fads. I have to say I was totally stunned though when we walked into the Sam’s Club and there just a few steps beyond the entrance was an area ‘roped’ off and set up with everything necessary to whiten teeth. There were a couple of dentist’s chairs, lamps for the whitening process and a young lady just ready and waiting for a passer-by to take advantage of the service. I don’t like going to the dentist on a good day – but to think I’m going to plop this ol’ bod down in one of those chairs, laid back for the whole world to see with my mouth wide open – ain’t gonna happen. Maybe…if there had been some sort of screen – but I didn’t see anything that promised any privacy of any sort. Guess I’m just getting too old – but I think some things should be kept private.

Now for my other surprise -went to the Dollar Tree. Don’t you just love going to the Dollar Tree where everything is just $1.00. Wow – you can get a box of Kleenex, bottle of Spic-n-Span and a bag of Hot Tamales (cinnamon candy) all for only $3.00. Makes me feel like I’m saving money even if I don’t need any of it. Came time to check out and the credit card would not work. The young lady working the check out said ‘Not to worry, give it to me – I can make it work’. To our surprise she put the card inside one of the bags for loading up bought goodies, pulled the bag tight over the strip area and ran it through the machine – and guess what?! It worked. Will have to try this at a store the next time the card won’t scan and see if it is a ‘universal fix’. That should raise the eye-brows on a few checkers out there.

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