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catalogx4I can remember as a young child looking through the Sears catalog at my Aunt Francis’ house in Seguin. It was always a treat to get to look at all the pretty pictures and I spent many an hour pouring through it. However, catalog shopping was never part of my life until we moved to the country. In fact, I never knew so many stores still had mail out catalogs – until David made 1 catalog order and then here they come.

He of course buys guy stuff. Tools, electronics, gizmos.  That being said – he got a ‘new’ catalog the other day full of typical guy stuff – lots of gadgets, games, and other stuff guys think they need. Wonderful stuff such as a folding utility cart – hmmmmmm – wonder if it works as well as those handy little telescoping drinking cups that always seem to collapse just about the time you get ready to take a drink.  But here’s my favorite – a ‘throne’ that attaches to the receiver hitch. (For those that don’t know – that’s where you would hitch up a trailer if you had one.) catalogseat This ‘off-road commode’ comes covered in ‘soft, padded camo’ (another guy thing) …. but my favorite part of the ad was the warning – ‘Not for use when vehicle is in motion’.   Maybe they were just being funny?

I must confess I get catalogs as well.  I not a big shopper so I haven’t gotten to the point where I buy a lot – but do enjoy looking at them.  Sometimes you can find stuff in the catalog that you can’t find at the store.  Saw a really pretty beaded jacked in the Chico’s catalog – went to the store in Bryan and was told that the jacket was available only on line.  Bummer.  While I don’t mind buying house stuff or decorator items – I’m always a little reluctant to buy clothes through a catalog.  Returning something that doesn’t fit or doesn’t look good on you when it looked just fabulous on the model – is a real pain.  The round trip  to the Post Office in town alone takes at least 30-45 minutes.  

If you haven’t experienced catalog shopping – here are a few of my favorite catalogues you might want to request. 

Collections, Etc.
Coldwater Creek
Soft Surroundings
Newport News
Pottery Barn
Radio Spirits

I’m sure there are many more out there but these have really nice things. The links above are active and should take you directly to the ‘Catalog Request’ page if you want to sign-up!

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