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What’s Halloween Without a Spider Web Cake?

Halloween is just around the corner. We don’t have trick-or-treaters out here in the country where we live . . . instead there are a lot of organized parties at community centers for the children. That being said it seems to me that the grown-ups have gotten more into the holiday than the kids. Some of the costumes I’ve seen out there are really exotic…. mot to mention expensive.

I can remember what Halloween was like growing up in Houston. Have lots of good memories going trick-or-treating with my cousins. They’d come over after their parents got off work and then we’d hit the streets . . . escorted of course. Our moms with flashlights in hand would trail behind us – at a discreet distance so we’d feel like we were on our own. We’d go for what seemed like blocks and blocks . . . knocking on doors and making all kinds of noise. Sometimes we’d even get cookies and popcorn balls in stead of candy. Good memories.

Also, remember the fun parties and festivals we had at school . . . elementary. All kinds of booths set up with games, food and costume contests. Sometimes, we’d even get to wear our costumes to school – that was a really big deal!

Mom was a ‘Room Mother’ once or twice. Do they even still have Room Mothers? She would make cookies and candy treats to take to the parties. Don’t remember any cakes but if she’d had this recipe for a Spider Web Cake . . . I know it would have been a big hit!

For this recipe, visit I Can’t Believe It’s Sugar Free – Chocolate Spider Web Cake – you can make this cake from scratch or use a boxed cake mix if in a hurry. Both recipes are there along with instructions on how to get that creepy spider web on the top of the cake.

Happy Halloween to Everyone – Click on the picture below to see the greeting card . . . To You from Me!

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