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Surge Protectors vs. Mongolian Beef

I couldn’t make up my mind which topic I wanted to talk about – surge protectors  or Mongolian beef – so I decided to talk about both.  The surge protector issue came up when the new kitchen stove was delivered and the delivery man started talking to us about how everything these days  is electronic and needs to have some  sort of a surge protector on it.  He said even  refrigerators have electronic gizmos in them.   I’d not ever heard of anything other than a computer needing a surge protector – so needless to say this was a major revelation to me. 

surgeprotector Since my washing machine is totally electronic we installed a surge protector on it that day.  We’ve also put surge protectors on the fridge, coffee maker, TV, and any other device that basically plugs into the wall.   David bought the kind of surge protectors that are flat against the wall unlike the ones we use for the computers that look like a giant multi-plugs. They just wouldn’t look good hanging on my wall.

mongolianbeefNow about the Mongolian beef. I fixed a roast for Sunday dinner and we have enjoyed it all week. Had stew on Tuesday, Mongolian Beef w/rice on Wednesday and left-over Mongolian Beef w/Shrimp today. I don’t like throwing food away – but I also don’t like eating the same thing 2 days in a row. Another ‘me’ thing. So when we had just a smidgen of the Mongolian Beef on Wednesday leftover, I cooked a few shrimp up in a little olive oil and garlic and added this to the leftovers. Served it up on a nest of spaghetti with a sprinkle of chopped garlic chives on top. A cool salad and some watermelon rounded out the meal. I served the melon since this dish is a little hot and the melon is a nice cool-down after eating something spicy. I’m currently  working on a website where all of these recipes will be available.   Hope to have it up and running in a couple of weeks.   I’ll let you know.  🙂

3 comments to Surge Protectors vs. Mongolian Beef

  • JeannieM

    Can’t wait for the new website!!! I love learning new tricks and recipes for the kitchen. It will be great to have a blog devoted totally to that.

  • janmon

    That website has been a ‘labor of love’ and can’t wait to get it online. Will have lots of tricks, substitutions and lot’s more.

  • Bodyc

    Super post, Need to mark it on Digg
    Thank you