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As suspected, things got hectic – so everything is running behind. Must confess, not everything was work. ūüôā And, before I continue – why is it that when you take a camera somewhere planning to take pictures . . . there’s nothing you want a picture of; and when you don’t have a camera (or forget to take¬†it) . . . you see loads of things you’d like to capture. Such was last week.¬† BTW – The picture of the¬† cows¬†is not mine but close to what we saw.

cows_2013No Camera Available Events –

Went shopping in Buffalo and while the trip is really pretty driving along the curvy roads through the woods, nothing you’d ordinarily take a picture of…. right? Not so. Last trip was quite eventful – even if we didn’t know it. First, came up on a small herd of cattle being driven down the road. That is unusual even for us. Don’t know if the livestock got loose or if they were moving them from one pasture to another. But there they were, walking down the easement – partially on the road. This slowed us down – not that we minded – because you just never know if one of the cows will get spooked and turn into your car. Major damage. Surprisingly, they were still herding them down the road on our return trip home about an hour later.


OK – made it through the cows and next we see a pickup and trailer coming at us – tarps flapping – with the cutest little antique roadster loaded up. If memory serves me, I think it was red and yellow. And, of course, David being the car person he is was totally smitten. We don’t see many cute little cars like that¬†around here so we figured there must be a classic car show in the area. Wrong! Couple of days later read in the local newspaper that the car had been stolen!! and the local law enforcement had been in a chase with them. Now while we didn’t see any police cars chasing the pickup and trailer¬†– after reading the story, we figured that it must have been the sheriff taking it back home.

Camera Ready But. . . .

wisteria_2013aThe weather on Saturday was pretty and we’d been talking about checking out the Trade Days in Fairfield – a short distance up the highway from us – so off we went. Perfect time to get a few pictures of a Texas event – maybe something I could use on one of the websites.

Trip to Buffalo was especially wonderful since we stopped at our favorite doughnut shop in Buffalo for some snacks.¬†¬†¬†donuts_2013¬† They make the best doughnut ever! But that’s where the fun ended. First had a terrible time even finding the place. We had to wonder why there wasn’t better signage – or why someone hadn’t corrected the address on the website.


Anyway after a couple of runs up and down the ‘main drag’ looking for the non-existent address, we finally found the trade days after almost confusing it with the kids sports fields across the street that had as much, if not more, traffic.

Parked the car, grabbed the camera and headed out. What a disappointment. I was obviously wrong in assuming it would be anything like the trade days at Canton – or even Jewett. Only about half of the stalls had vendors, and most of the items were either new or crafted items. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against crafts or new – but being a seasoned antique hound, that’s what we like to look at. Took us less than half-hour to get through everything and we headed home . . . no pictures at all.


The wisteria picture was taken on the way to town.¬† Every year the trees are covered with purple blooms – it is beautiful.¬† And it’s difficult to tell in the picture – but the tree must be at least 50′ tall.


Still mucho computer work going on – but hope things will slow down a bit next couple of weeks.


Haven’t forgotten the sugar free caramel apple mini-tarts. You can get the recipe on at this link on I Can’t Believe It’s Sugar Free¬† – Sugar Free Desserts

This pictures below give you an idea of the process . . .







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