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Sugar Cookies & Pepparkakor (Ginger Thins)

WOW – it’s like summer again today. Temp is in the 70’s – but the wind is ferocious . . . just like March.  Hear it is supposed to be getting colder – with temps back down in the 30-40 degree range starting tomorrow and through the weekend.

That being said – David and I took advantage of this ‘summer’ break taking time to do some re-arranging in our storage. Our intent was not to re-arrange but rather look for something – a book – which of course is always in the last place you think to look. The only places left were the lofts and I’m not sure that book was important enough to tackle the lofts. And if you’re wondering – it was a stamp reference book we needed for someone else!

Gopher Alert!

Guess we’re not the only ones enjoying the warmer weather. The moles…gophers are having a field day in the hay field  and back yard. Huge piles of dirt everywhere – in fact I have to wonder why we don’t sink into the ground up to our ankles as we walk – there has to be a pretty involved lattice work of tunnels out there.   So far we’ve not been able to find anything that discourages their endless tunneling. 

Kind of reminds me of that scene in Paint Your Wagon at the end where the whole town (No Name City) totally collapses because the characters played by Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin have tunneled everywhere under the town collecting the spilled gold dust. That’s an old movie – so you may or may not remember it. It was a fun movie with lots of beautiful scenery . . .


Still working my way through my Christmas recipes. This week was cookie week. Have a good sugar cookie recipe that I add some almond flavoring  into – gives is a bakery flavor – or if you like, try adding in lemon.   I like to ice these cookies with cream cheese frosting   (almond or lemon flavor) – which of course you can color.

I got really ambitious one year and built a Christmas Tree out of them – started with large cookies at the bottom and worked my way up to small ones at the top. Iced the cookies green and then used sprinkles for decorations. It was very pretty – but loads of work.  That was one of those things  you do once in your life. 

One thing about these cookies, you need to have the dough cold and do not over-bake them (it took me a couple of times before I stopped over-baking them)  or they will loose that soft texture.

My other favorite cookie is a Ginger Thin. It is reminiscent of the pepparkakor cookies of Sweden. It is very dark, very spicy, and very crisp. Again with this dough you want to make sure it is cold when you work with it and watch the baking time closely. Once cooled – keep them in as air-tight container as possible to keep them crisp.

Recipes are on line here – Sugar ‘Almond’ Cookies . . . . Ginger Thins.

Scam Alert!

Had a phone call from an old acquaintance this week. She was looking for help with her web page. It would seem that she had ‘signed-up’ and paid for a program (Fortune Learning Systems) but was now having trouble getting them to deliver on services as promised. She wanted to know if we could help her get her website working (which we couldn’t) or help by giving her some questions to ask (which we did). 

I know that with times as they are, there are a lot of people looking for a way to stay home and earn a few extra dollars …. or maybe start a new career on the Internet. All I can say is PLEASE  investigate any program you may think you want to pursue. Look on line for scam reports, Better Business Bureau reports, blogs that monitor scams, etc. before investing any money. If it sounds too good to be true – it probably is.

If you want to learn how to put up a website or start your own blog, visit the Index page  of  where categories are broken down and you can see how to get started with either a website or blog.   Don’t see what you’re looking for – send us a question and we’ll try to help.

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