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Spring & Salmon Croquettes

Went to my favorite auction on Saturday – Johnny Norman in Reagan. He had a different twist this week – where he ‘rented’ tables to individuals and they could bring stuff in and he would auction it off for a flat fee. Made it very interesting. You didn’t know until you got there what you would be bidding on. There was everything you could imagine there . . . including antique glass, DVD’s, CD’s, power tools (for the guys), collectible coins, jewelry, appliances, tires, dolls, outside decor and the list goes on. Bought a large piece of white marble for $5.00! Haven’t a clue what I’m going to do with it – but just too good a deal to pass up. It’s quite heavy and still in the back of the truck. (Not any more – just helped David move it into the garage.) Also bought some nylon-fabric dragonflies – again, not a clue what I’ll do with them but they were attractive and for a dollar – you can’t go wrong. Johnny will have another auction – maybe – the third Saturday this month. If you’ll be in the Reagan area – visit Singlefire and check for time and pictures.

It was too cold and windy to do anything outside Sunday afternoon – like I had planned – so all the bulbs I bought Friday will have to wait . . . probably until this coming weekend. I usually wait to the last minute to buy bulbs and as such there’s usually not a good selection left – but not this time! I bought several bags of iris, daylilies and star gazer lillies – they’re the ones that have that deliciously sweet smell. Now I just have to devise a way to plant them so that the moles (and gophers) don’t gobble them up before they have a chance to grow. I do have a game plan. Bought about 15 wire baskets at the Dollar Store last year – my plan is to sink the baskets in the ground and then plant the bulbs inside the ‘wire cages’ filling them with dirt. I’m hoping this will work. I’ve tried everything else suggested to me over the years to keep the bulbs from being eaten up – including placing Juicy Fruit gum around them, broken glass in the hole (sounded dangerous to me – figured I’d forget where the glass was and end up slicing up my fingers), cayenne pepper in the hole, those solar spike beepers you put around about (the noise is supposed to keep them away) and traditional mole traps. None of these have worked. I have high hopes for my basket theory.

Forgot to mention also bought several packages of seeds – flowers, herbs and veggies. Typically I don’t have too much luck with seeds but for twenty-cents a package – thought I’d give ’em a try – they all looked so inviting. One in particular – Canterbury Bells – I’ve not seen and it looks like it would be pretty. And, it’s also time to feed the fruit trees. We use the spikes that you pound into the ground. Put some around the peach and plum trees. Ground was still soft from all the rain so that was an easy chore. Did have to take time to fence in the raspberry plants. It looks like the deer got to the few little leaves they had. So David put up a wire fence about 6 foot tall around the bed to keep them from eating what’ left down to the ground. I’ll keep my fingers crossed they survive.

Overall was pretty lazy this weekend. Did not do much cooking – ate out a lot which is not the norm around here. I have to say I did enjoy it though – thanks, David! It’s nice not to have dishes or a kitchen to clean up once in a while. I’m back to full speed today, cooking, laundry and computer work .   (Check out today’s blog Power to Earn Money  for some ideas on how to generate income from home.  If it isn’t there – it’s coming.) 

Had the ‘Cat Lady’ Mexican casserole  for lunch. It was one I had frozen a while back and it heated up really well. Since my stash is getting low think I’ll have to find time this weekend to prepare some freezer foods – Penne casserole, ‘Cat Lady’ casserole and a batch of salmon croquettes.

My croquettes are pretty easy to make and since I bake them, they’re low in fat and of course high in Omega 3.


  • 1 can of salmon (remove bones but retain liquid)
  • 1 egg
  • Black pepper (dash)
  • 10-12 Club crackers (or Saltines) crushed

Mix this all together…you may need to add a little water if the mixture seems too dry. You want it moist enough to hold together but not so moist it falls apart. Wet your hands and form the mixture into patties (you should have about 6 medium sized patties).

Place patties on a lightly greased cookie sheet. I sprinkle the tops with about 1 teaspoon (more or less) of Panko bread crumbs and then spritz with no-calorie ‘butter’ spray – and a dash of Old Bay Spice. This gives them a little more flavor and a nice crunch.

Bake in a 350 degree oven for 30-40 minutes or until lightly browned. Serve or cool and freeze to enjoy later.

I like to keep my mixes and crumbs in screw-top jars with the label on the front.  For me – especially out here in the country –  it helps keep things fresher, keeps the buggies out and I can still see the original box label taped on for easy recognition.

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