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Scrumptious Fried Shrimp

Is it just me or have you noticed empty shelves at the grocery? It seems every time we go shopping I find shelves that aren’t stocked. Whole sections that are completely empty. I don’t believe I can ever remember anytime in my life when grocery shelves weren’t full. Not to mention the price increases on just about everything.

I’m a real price watcher and immediately notice when something has gone from $1.50 to $1.99, ie., Marzetti strawberry glaze. That’s almost 30% price increase – of course if we listen to the news – there is NO inflation… except maybe gasoline. Yeah right. 

Old Pedal Cars…. & Tractors

Well we had a grand weekend. Monica and Peyton came for a visit and it was such a lot of fun. Did a lot of  ‘nothing much’ just visited, played with Peyton and sat around on the deck.

David had an old pedal tractor he had cleaned and touched-up with some fresh paint ready for Peyton to ride. She isn’t quite old enough to make the pedals work – but she had a lot of fun just sitting on it and scooting around.

Scrumptious Shrimp

Monica is like her Dad – loves shrimp – so I fixed up a big platter of fried shrimp for the two of them. David loves my fried shrimp – and I think I can say Monica seemed to enjoy them as well.

She was interested in how I kept the hot oil from frothing while the shrimp were frying and why my breading didn’t fall off – so just in case any of you out there may be having trouble with breading and frying , I’ll give you my recipe and tips. The measurements I’ve given are for frying 12-18 large shrimp.

1.  Clean the shrimp (remove shells and de-vein)… you can leave the tails on if you like (more work), but I find the shrimp cook just as well without the tail and they are so much easier to eat.

2.  Slit the back of the cleaned shrimp all the way through; beginning at about the middle of the shrimp [Fig 1] – it will look like a Y when laid flat once you’re finished [Fig 2]. The cutting is easily done if you begin the cut on the back where the vein was removed.

3.  Place prepared shrimp in the refrigerator (covered) until you’re ready to fry

You’ll need three (3) bowls to prepare wet dip and breading for frying . . .

1.  In a small-medium sized bowl place about 1/2 cup regular flour

2.  In a second bowl place 2 egg whites (no yolks allowed) and 1-2 tablespoons of water; whisk together.

Tip:   The egg yolk is what makes the oil froth during frying shrimp or anything else.

3.  In a large bowl place approximately 1/3 cup yellow cornmeal, 1/3 cup Panko bread crumbs, 1/3 cup Zatarin’s Fish Fry (mix it all together). The portions can be adjusted. If you like less crunch, use less Panko. If you like a little more spicy flavor, increase the Zatarin’s Fish Fry, etc..

Now you’re ready to start cooking! You can use a deep frier if you have one following manufacturer’s recommended temperature for frying shrimp, but I just use a heavy-bottomed sauce pan – medium-size . . .  

4.  Fill saucepan or fryer with corn oil deep enough so that the shrimp will be completely submerged –   (I NEVER use canola)  – and place over medium-high until heated. You want the oil hot enough to sizzle when the shrimp are dropped in, but you don’t want it so hot they cook too quickly.

Tip: You can test to see if the oil is ready by sprinkling a small amount of the coating mixture into the oil. If the bits ‘sizzle’ when they hit the oil, the temperature is right. If they don’t, let the oil continue to heat.

5.  Have a plate handy with paper towels to drain any excess oil  from the shrimp as well as a good slotted spoon or spatula for removing the shrimp from the oil.

To bread the shrimp . . .

  1. Take the raw shrimp (blot them with a paper towel if they were in water, you want them pretty dry when they go into the flour)  and dredge in the flour – shake off excess.
  2. Next put the shrimp into the egg white-water mixture. Use a fork for turning and make sure the whole shrimp is wet.
  3. Put the ‘wet’ shrimp into the breading mixture, making sure the whole shrimp is completely covered. You may need to separate the sections where you made the cut if they are stuck together.
  4. Gently drop the breaded shrimp into the hot oil
  5. Cook until shrimp float and are a nice golden color (Depending on size this can take anywhere from 2-4 minutes.)

Tip: Do not over cook shrimp – they will turn out tough.

I can usually cook 5-6 shrimp at a time and use the time while they’re cooking to get the next batch ready to fry.

These are really good and IF you have any leftovers they make a wonderful po-boy sandwich.

Update on the gatestill working on it.   Hope to have it finished this weekend … weather permitting.  And, for those that either follow or have just recently become aware of the up turn in the market values for silver and gold – check  Gold Coins – Silver Bullion   and find out why silver will continue to go up in value…  and why you may want to invest.

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