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Reverse Telephone Numbers – Who Called Me???

purpleflowerAnd so it begins. The really hot part of summer when I can’t, no, really don’t want to go outside.  But find I have to keep going out just to keep everything watered so that it doesn’t die.   Especially the grass around the house.  Ever since those terrible fires a few years back that devastated the Bastrop area  I’m a little paranoid about the  hay/grass  catching fire.  Thankfully, we are under a burn ban – but there’s always the chance of an errant cigarette butt or not totally dead camp fire setting something off.   So, find my days filled with moving sprinklers.  One city-thing I do miss, my yard with the sprinkler system.    Try to think of my watering chores  as exercise.  Sigh.


It’s been so hot we’ve even limited some of our walks. Now we try to get out either early morning  (around 8) or early evening – around 7:30.  With the temperatures in the 90’s even at 7:30, if we do walk it’s typically only about half the distance we would walk in  cooler months.


pears_4On our last morning walk saw the pretty little purple flower in the picture. For all the years here, haven’t seen one like it before.  It reminded me of a large sweet pea.  It is on a vine of some type and from what we can tell only blooms for one day as it is gone by the evening.  Have to think it  doesn’t  mind the heat or lack of water.


Finished picking the last of the pears earlier this week.  Had to get a ladder to reach  the ones near the top of the tree – don’t know how I’ll reach those in a few years.  Don’t like climbing ladders.  Guess the birds will get to enjoy them.





The heat also seems to influence my cooking. Don’t like to fix anything where I need to use the oven.  This is particularly true for steaks since my favorite steak recipe requires the oven be 500 degrees.  Think not!  So fired up the grill earlier this week  and cooked some hamburger steaks.   If I’m going to take the time to do this, like to cook a bunch of them at the same time as they freeze very well and are a quick, easy meal when I don’t have time to cook.  I’ve got them arranged  in a circle to keep them from burning by avoiding  the really hot center.  We enjoyed them with skillet fries, fresh kale, and corn (David’s forever favorite).







These charcoal steaks are really good served with sautéed onions. And, the onions are an easy fix.  Just slice up a medium size onion, sauté in a non-stick skillet with little olive oil (1-2 tbsp), 2 tbsp. of butter, a dash of salt, few dashes of Grill-Mates mesquite seasoning and a dash of liquid smoke.  Cook over low heat until fork tender, stirring occasionally so they don’t burn.  In addition to the  hamburger steaks, these flavorful onions  can be served with any grilled meat.

Reverses Phone Look-Up

Now, for another scam. This one  – unlike the email scams earlier posted – is a telephone scam.  And, while it didn’t happen to me, thought it worth passing along.

David’s sister-in-law received a call from a person claiming to be with their local electric company saying their bill had not been paid and their power would be cut off if the bill wasn’t paid via credit card over the phone.  (Warning flag anytime someone on the phone wants my credit card number.)

To make a long story short, the bill had been paid, the person then said that well it wasn’t really the bill but rather something to do with the smart meter that needed paying. Bottom line, still wanted a credit card number.  Obviously, no number was given and on doing some investigating of the phone number on the reverse phone look-up,  it was found to be registered as a private number in Kansas !!  in spite of being an ‘800’ number.

Seems there are people who are constantly coming up with a way to scam people out of their hard-earned money. If you get any phone calls that are suspicious,  there are a couple of websites where the number can be looked up to see who is calling.  Or, at the very least verify that the people calling are who they say they are.   The links are below and easy to use.  First is reverse telephone look-up.  Second one is lets you search for a number to see who it is and then gives any comments other people may have left about that same number.  Some of the comments are quite interesting just to see what stories people come up with.

Reverse Look-up

Who Calls Me (let’s you see if others are complaining about number) –


Last thing –  the moon has been just beautiful last few nights.  Doesn’t rise until around 10:00 and looks huge.  Tried taking a picture but think I’d need a really expensive camera to get the picture I want   . . . .





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