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Red, White & Blueberry Trifle & Slip Covers

I’ve spent just about every evening (after 8 when it’s cool-er) picking blueberries. I am stunned how many blueberries that one bush has produced. We’ve really enjoyed them and I’m sure I’ll have enough in the freezer to last me a few more months. Right now my plan is to make a trifle for the Fourth of July using both strawberries and blueberries in the Strawberry Trifle recipe. I’ll only have to make a few changes to the ingredients to give the recipe a new twist along with a whole new flavor. For the complete recipe, visit I Can’t Believe It’s Sugar Free. I’m doing this oneĀ 50% sugar free as it’s hard to find the Marzetti’s blueberry glaze in sugar free.

On to my other project. I actually finished making all the slip covers – eight of them – for the lawn chairs this past weekend. We have a lot of different lawn chairs (the zero gravity ones are the most comfortable) – but the covers are for the regular lawn chairs. You know the metal fold-up kind with the woven, vinyl webbing – but, they are starting to look a little tired. I bought cushions for the seats last year – but that made the backs of the chairs look bad . . . so I knew something had to be done to make them look better. It was a little difficult to find fabric that would – at best – sort of match the 2 sides (floral and plaid). So I opted for stripes. With our limited local shopping – that was the best I could do. Major Sigh…..

It probably took me as long to make the pattern and sew the first cover as it did to stitch the remaining seven. That first cover took a little trial and error to get in the groove. But, once I got started, it was just like an assembly line. I’m pleased with the way they turned out and…. best of all they are washable. Kept the pattern in case I want to stitch up some new ones if I find fabric I like better or if I decide to make some covers for the metal chairs.

These could have been made a little simpler so that they just slipped on like a pillow case – no frills – but I wanted them to have at least a little flair. To do this I cut the fabric so they would have a pleat on either side when the two side bows that hold them on were tied. Made the ties out of the same fabric and embroidered the ends so they wouldn’t unravel in the wash. The fabric which is a light weight canvas had a tendency to ravel – badly. After I’d finished them all, I made a major decision to go back and overcast all the inside seams. I knew if I didn’t, my luck would be that they would come apart the first time I washed them.

One more thing I did that was more trouble was to make the back of the cover a little shorter than the front so that it stops at the arm rests. Had I made the back as long as the front, it would have had a loose flap of fabric hanging down. Would not have liked that look. While these certainly wouldn’t win any awards – they serve the purpose and I saved quite a bit of $$$ by doing it myself.

And – finally got a couple of pictures of the deck with the icicle lights on. Much more difficult to get a good night picture than I would have thought – even with the night photo setting turned on. At any rate – you’ll get the idea. It is very pretty out on the deck, but it’s been so hot – even after dark – that we’ve not spent much time out there.

1 comment to Red, White & Blueberry Trifle & Slip Covers

  • Sheila

    Wow the trifle looks really good. I will have to give that a try. I made a strawberry Lemonade Pie yesterday. It was really good but I need to try some sugar free desserts.