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Snow . . . Rare as ‘Hen’s Teeth’

While snow in our part of Texas might not be quite as rare as hen’s teeth – we don’t see it very often – so when we do it’s a pretty big deal. For those of us who are ‘snow challenged’ – any amount of snow is something we’re not used to dealing with – but that doesn’t keep us all from hitting the roads to take pictures. And, that’s exactly what David and I did last Friday. Of course, the fact that we were without power probably had something to do with it. It usually takes about 2 hours for the power to come back on – so we figured that was just about long enough to jump into the Jeep and see how everything looked covered in a blanket of white.

David is a real photo-hound and must have taken about 20 or so pictures before we’d even gotten off the property. And while he does enjoy taking pictures – I have to admit he is very good at it and has taken some beautiful pictures over the years. The pics here are either of our property or the surrounding area. My two favorites are the ones of the mother cow and her calf – looks so typically Texas, and the pond with the ‘square’ cloud.

If you click once on the each picture it will enlarge, click twice to return it to smaller size.

House Cow and calf
Pond Fence along the back of house
Gate into orchard Our front gate
Waiting in Jeep for David Looking back to the house from front gate

By the time we got back home the power was back on so we sat down in front of the fireplace to steaming mugs of our version of Irish Cream Coffee. It’s a favorite and we enjoy it at night as well – but with decaff! If you’d like to try it here’s our recipe:

  • 1 Cup brewed coffee (in over-sized cup)
  • Sweeten to taste
  • 2 teaspoons of chocolate syrup
  • 3 teaspoons of Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur
  • Enough whipped cream to fill to top
  • Stir and enjoy!

They say each snowflake is unique – hard to imagine when you see so many of them – but I saw some photos the other day taken of snowflakes and will try to get those posted a little later this week – depending on when we do grocery shopping.    The pictures are absolutely amazing!

1 comment to Snow . . . Rare as ‘Hen’s Teeth’

  • Great weather for Texas! We didn’t get quite as much snow as you guys did but we still got a little. Probably 1 to 2 inches. Never know what this Texas weather will bring! Enjoyed the pics and the post!