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Pizza in a Pinch (Tandoori Pizza)

With the coming of September, we can definitely see fall in the air. The leaves are starting to tumble from the old oak, the morning sun doesn’t shine directly in through the window waking us at 6:00am anymore and there’s a lovely soft haze across the hills.   The shadows seem to have taken on a new identity too as they stretch across the hay field and even the view of the back porch through the breakfast window has a different look.

You can see the garlic chives are full of blooms and I hope to harvest enough seeds to plant my herb garden later this year. I had planned to get the herb garden in the yard finished this summer but it was so terribly hot I just gave up on it and decided to wait for cooler weather. I did manage to get quite a few of my pre-summer goals accomplished this year so I’m not unhappy about having to wait on the herbs.

Spider Update – the spider that was in the maple tree a couple of weeks ago has now moved to the front of the house – under the eaves – right next to the front porch. Not good. I’m much afraid his/her days are numbered as David does not like spiders. Can’t say that I’d fuss if it disappeared – I would not want it’s next move to be inside the house.

Flat Bread Pizza

I’ve talked before about how one must learn to improvise when living in the country – after all a trip to the store (round-trip) for us is about one to one and one half hours depending on which store we go to. So, either we plan ahead to have back-up groceries on hand or like I say – you improvise. Sometimes the results are good – sometimes not.

This leads me to say we wanted pizza for supper the other night. And, since we don’t have delivery – we typically whip up a Digiorno’s. But horrors – this time we didn’t have a Digiorno’s but we did have Tandoori Noor bread. You know – the flat kind with the little puffs on it – kind of in the shape of an egg.

After laying two slices of bread out, slathering on some Prego spaghetti sauce, followed by shredded Mozzerella cheese, chopped onions, chopped bell pepper, and sliced pepperoni, I baked our ‘Tandorri’ pizzas in a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes. Long enough to melt the cheese and give the bread edges a nice golden color.

After baking, put it on a cutting board and sliced it into squares. I know it wouldn’t be every one’s taste – but we really liked it. Not too much crust, and still had the traditional pizza flavor. In fact, we’ve decided that we like this ‘make-do’ pizza well enough that we’ll have it from now on. When you consider the cost savings of store bought pizza at about $5.00 or so for one frozen pizza versus $2.50 for 2 Tandoori bread pizzas . . . that’s quite a savings. And if you’re thinking – but what about all those extra ingredients you had to buy – well, I used to put those ‘extras’ on the store bought pizza too – so they don’t count!

Word to the Wise

We’re all familiar with Facebook and how easy it makes staying connected with family and friends . . . but, here comes the caution – be careful what videos you upload, what you say and how you say it.

Last week, one of David’s friends related a situation at his office. Seems there were several job openings and, of course, quite a few people turned in applications hoping for employment. However, before deciding which applicants to call, the Personnel Department reviewed their Facebook pages. This review resulted in some of them having their applications tossed. They didn’t even get a courtesy call to say ‘sorry, you don’t fit the bill’ – much less an opportunity for an interview.

David’s friend didn’t tell him what was found on their Facebook pages that dis-qualified them, but you can be sure it was damaging enough to keep them from having the chance at a REALLY GOOD paying job. Just something to think about.

Fun Time

Now for some fun. Had a friend send me this amazing little number game. Don’t have a clue how it works but it does…. every time.

Click on the little house to start playing.

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