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Pillsbury Sugarfree Cake Tips

I’ve often thought – too bad people aren’t more like bears – we could hibernate all winter long avoiding all the extra weight we seem to put on simply because there’s nothing else to do but eat!

I think the only thing that keeps us from packing on the pounds is that we have our large meal in the middle of the day and a very small evening meal – and we don’t allow ourselves to eat anything after 8:00 – and that really should be moved up to 7:00.

Creature of Habit

Being a creature of habit, it took me a few months to get used to having to cook the ‘big’ meal in the middle of the day after a lifetime of eating a sandwich or something light for lunch and having the ‘big’ meal at night. Not only did this switch interrupt my work schedule on the computer – but also I found it hard to ‘not eat’ in the evening.   But we like our routine now and it does seem to help with weight control.

After that – feels like all I’ve been doing lately is cooking. Tried a different PF Chang frozen dinner, fixed a very large pot of soup and baked a sugar-free cake (the left over portion from my previous Pillsbury   post) – all with varying degrees of success.

PF Chang

While we  loved the PF Chang Orange Chicken frozen entree, the Shrimp Lo Mien leaves much to be desired. It’s missing that ‘Lo Mien’ flavor you get at the Chinese restaurants and the shrimp are microscopic in size. In fact I had to search through the noodles after everything was cooked just to find them.   So – before serving that up to David, I ended up hurriedly cooking some extra shrimp to add in so he’d feel like he was actually eating shrimp.  (BTW – the shrimp on the right is the PF Chang shrimp; the one on the left is my medium-sized shrimp.) 

Of course, there were enough leftovers, which I served the next day – with some fried rice and dumplings.   Only this time I sauteed shrimp in a little olive oil and some Teriyaki sauce and then mixed them into the left-over noodles while re-heating.  Much better – but not good enough that I’d buy it again. Think we’ll just stick to the Orange Chicken.

Sugar Free Cake, Again

I like preparing only half of a cake mix because we can’t – and don’t need to – eat a whole cake by ourselves. So, since I still had the remainder of the sugarfree cake mix and the rest of the sugar free frosting leftover – whipped up a cake yesterday.

You may or may not recall – there were some issues with the cake and frosting. So this time I knew better. For the cake pan made sure it was totally sprayed with oil, then added an extra egg into the mix along with 1/2 teaspoon of almond flavoring. Made sure  the batter and my extra additions were beat with the mixer for the full two minutes (plus a little for good measure) and baked it per box directions.

While the cake was baking I took the frosting out of the fridge and let it come to room temperature – making sure it would stir easily. I then added in 1/2 teaspoon of almond flavor and a scant 1 teaspoon of vanilla – then stirred it all together. This helped a lot with getting rid of the ‘processed’  flavor and made it a little easier to spread. It was still sticky, so I had a tall glass of hot water near by to dip the knife in when I was ready to frost the cooled cake.

Since I don’t like eating the same thing all the time – we’ve enjoyed some of the cake served with a little BB vanilla ice cream with a teaspoon of sugarfree caramel topping drizzled over the top. Scrumptious!

Around the House

Not much going on outside but inside is another story.  I’ve been working all day – every day – on the computer putting up some new blogs.  Both are related to other websites we have up but since it seems Goolge is favoring blogs – thought I’d better get busy.  One is on breast forms and fashion lingerie  which ties in to our Nearly Mine   site.  Visit  Breast Forms Online  for information on breast cancer, mastectomy prostheses and general health, fashion ligerie and beauty info.

The other blog ties to our original Texas Antique Mall site.  The Texas Antique Mall blog  has the same name – just a different spelling for the domain.  It’s going to be full of our antiquing ‘secrets’  and helpful tips we’ve learned over the years while in the antique business.   

For those that may not know – David and I have been working – selling – on the Internet since 1997. We’ve seen a lot of changes and seems more are on the way.

I don’t know if any of you have ever entertained the idea of having an Internet business (blog or otherwise) – but if you’ve ever thought about having your own blog for business or just for fun – I’ve put up a post on our PowerToEarnMoney  blog that shows you how to configure a blog – step-by-step. You’ll find a lot more free information as well about how to make money online – and just about anything else you might need to know to get an online business going.

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