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Moose Sheets & Panini

When we put ‘moose sheets’ on the bed I know there is no doubt that winter is here. We put the ‘moose sheets’ on the bed last weekend. That means we’re expecting well below freezing temps just about every night with the highs not out of the 40’s.

If you’re wondering about my strange linens – they’re nothing more than flannel sheets that have a rustic pattern part of which is a moose. Hence moose sheets.

During the coldest months of winter we’ve found that flannel sheets don’t retain the cold as much as the regular ones, so that when you crawl into bed there’s not that jolt of cold – and you stay nice and warm all night long.

Panini Yummmmmmm!

Along with moose sheets comes winter foods. Nice warm, comfort foods like stews, soups, chili and our newest favorite…. panini sandwiches.

We hadn’t been able to enjoy these nice crusty sandwiches before – but thanks to Jack  and Jerry’s thoughtful Christmas gift – we now have a wonderful Cuisinart panini grill.

Bought some ‘artisan’ bread at the store – didn’t think white bread would fill the bill . . . thought it might flatten out too much. Our special ‘panini’ bread was a nice mis-shapen round loaf that was covered in Parmesan cheese and garlic.

Not having any knowledge of making this type of sandwich – we sort of did our own thing.

  • We sliced the bread to a reasonable thickness – not too thick but thick enough not to crush down.
  • Basted the outsides with a little butter-olive oil mix
  • Then layered the insides with shredded Mozzarella cheese
  • Sliced, cooked meat balls
  • Spread on some spicy spaghetti sauce . . .
  • And added a little mayo – one side only*

* A sandwich isn’t a sandwich at our house without mayo on it. (David’s rule)

Put them together and on the pre-heated surface – grill side up, so they’d have those nice little toasted lines on the outside – and closed the lid.   When finished, they looked just like a picture in a magazine . . .

. . .  and, they were delicious. We’re looking forward to seeing what other kind of sandwiches we can dream up. The grill should be quite handy too if the power goes out.  I can reverse the grill plates to the griddle side (smooth) and cook pancakes, sausages, hamburgers and who knows what else. 🙂

Cherry Pie… Sugar Free!!

Had a new dessert last week – sugarfree cherry pie. Found a canned sugarfree cherry pie filling at the store so decided to give it a try.

The filling tasted pretty good (for sugarfree)  but it tasted even better after I added in a packet of Sweet-n-Low plus a half-teaspoon of almond flavor . . . helped take the canned flavor away. 

Stirred those into the filling before pouring into the pie shell. Did a lattice top and baked it for about 40 minutes – until the top was nice and brown.

It turned out really, really good – served up with a little bit of BB vanilla ice cream. (For those non-Texans that might be out there – BB stands for Blue Bell – the best ice cream you can get here in Texas…in our opinion.) I’m sure that we’ll be having another cherry pie real soon.

Too Cold – Brrrrrrrrrr!!

Like I said it’s going to be really cold this week – so guess I’ll spend time working on my computer keeping up with Kaleb’s progress    –  and updating our other websites with new information. 

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