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Lemon Chess Pie

At 50 degrees it feels like Fall this morning . . . nice and cool with clear blue skies. The far hay field has turned green (again) and the grass in the near field (which needs mowing) is trying to push through the dried up grass but having quite a struggle. I’ve noticed some of the trees are starting to look fall-ish – and if we get a good cold front come through, ¬†hopefully we’ll have one of those beautiful, colorful falls this year.

Up until today it still felt like summer…so much so that one day last week when I went out to feed the fish in the pond – I encountered a LARGE snake on the deck. I can only imagine he was out there sunning himself as the temperature was in the upper 90’s. I got about 3 steps onto the deck and heard this strange rustling sound – and there about 6 feet in front of me was this snake – looked to be about 4 feet long – gliding across the deck towards the house.¬†¬† When he got to the edge of the deck he fell over and disappeared in the crack that’s between the house and the deck floor. I just froze – first off I couldn’t believe I was seeing a snake and secondly, couldn’t think of anything to do. Don’t think the snake was poisonous as it was totally black, so my best guess – being in a frozen state of mind – was that it was probably a coach whip. Haven’t seen it since – but you can bet I’m on the lookout.

With fall upon us and winter not far behind, going to have to start thinking about winter foods. All those dishes we enjoy in the winter but for some reason aren’t quite as tasty in the summer. One of our favorites is cheeseburger pie. This is a really simple dish using ground hamburger and a biscuit mix. I’ll be posting that recipe plus a couple more next few weeks. In the meantime, if you like lemons, check out the Lemon Chess Pie recipe on I Can’t Believe It’s Sugar Free. It’s an old-time favorite and I’ve put up two versions. On for making a traditional pie using sugar and the other sugar free using Splenda. Enjoy!



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