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Last of the Summer Projects

Finished up what will probably be my last project for the season (unless I decide to dig out all that grass for the herb beds) and that was to put in a small – it’s actually more like tiny – flower bed next to the goldfish pond.

Had intended on doing this for quite a while but just never seemed to get around to it. We had even bought some stone pavers earlier in the year … but, really didn’t  like them since they didn’t match the ones we had put down a couple of years back.

Which is one of my pet peeves – you find something you like and when you go back – it’s no longer available.

This rule seems to apply to both food and a whole lot of other products. So you end up doing without, replacing everything (no way!!) or the project looks hodge-podge. In this case, none of these were acceptable.  So I ended up re-arranging some of the existing already  ‘laid’ stones we had used for the walk in the hope that the bed wouldn’t look like an after-thought. . . which of course, it really was.

At any rate, took me two hours to dig out all the grass where I wanted the bed to go, then had to move the already in place pavers (ughhhh… they were heavy) – finally I was ready to plant.

The little azalea looks very nice in its new home and I’ve mulched around it hoping that will keep the bare dirt from washing away.

I’ve plans to sprig the bare ground outside the bed with St. Augustine grass – but that will have to wait for the weekend.

Something about cooler weather that makes me feel hungrier than I should. Of course, I like to cook those comfort foods – gumbo, stew, soup, dressing and so on.  I’ve put up a couple of my favorite fall recipes – Beef Stew (you can make this one from scratch or leftovers) and spicy Applesauce Cake. The stew is always better the next day but the applesauce cake is good anytime – breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack.

New ‘Internet Marketing’  Project – Nearly

You may or may not have seen the link in the upper right sidebar – Nearly Mine. Well, this is a new venture we’re going into . . . like we’re not already busy enough? . . . Mastectomy and Fashion Products for the mastectomee.

We’re very excited about it and hope to have the website online – in its entirety – in a few weeks. There are some incredible products available and in addition, we also plan on sharing useful information including diet, exercise and health news stories relevant to breast cancer.

If you’re interested in pursuing your own Internet Marketing  program or just want to see what it’s all about, visit Power To Earn Money – where you’ll find all the basic information about building your own business (or personal) website or blog, learning about HTML, CGI and search engine optimization –  as well as a much more.  

Microsoft Windows 7 – Limited Offer

For those computer people out there – I wanted to post the following link.

Just received it in an email today. It is a fabulous Limited Offer to purchase the Windows 7 Family Pack  for under $150.00.

This means if you purchase Windows 7 from this “limited offer”  link, you’ll get 3 licenses with your purchase.  If you’ve done any pricing of Windows 7 at all you’ll know that’s  a fabulous deal.

Read more about this limited offer by visiting this link . . . Limited Time only! Get the Windows 7 Family Pack from The Microsoft Store! Only $149 for 3 licenses of Windows 7!

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