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Floods, Mushrooms & A Gadget To-Die-For

If you live in Texas, I don’t have to tell you how much rain we’ve been getting.    WOW – don’t think we’ve ever seen so much water – it’s everywhere.  Rivers and creeks are overflowing.  The picture of the washed out bridge is in Wimberley – and the other picture is of land around the Trinity River that is flooded – what we see when we go to Palestine.   It is so flooded that it reminds me of the marshy areas around Galveston with water as far as you can see.  On the way to David’s doctor appointment in Palestine some of the fields we pass are so flooded that you cannot see the tops of the fence posts.  That means the water is about four feet deep.  flooding2015_2


Colorful Mushrooms


In addition, the yard has become a mushroom factory.  All kinds of them.  Many of the common ones we’ve seen in the past, but also some really unusual ones.   Found some in the backyard that were purple and some in the font that are pink and yellow.  Not sure if they are poisonous, but I’ve been digging them up and tossing them so Bear won’t get them.  Haven’t noticed him bothering any of them, but better to play it safe.








With all the rain it’s been tough not getting out in the yard or going for a walk.  Good thing we’ve got a really big deck since that’s where David and Bear spend their lazy time.  Nothing much else to do.



Easy Smoked Salmon

Did manage to smoke a couple of pork loins  the other day (in between the showers) and while I was at it also smoked some salmon for salmon dip.  One of the drawbacks of living in the country, don’t always have what you want on hand.  While I didn’t have any salmon fillets available, I did have a can of salmon so gave that a try rather than drive an hour plus to town for one item.  While canned salmon isn’t  the same as the fillets, for the effort, it turned out really well and I can’t tell the difference in the dip – smoked canned salmon  vs. fresh salmon fillet.  So much easier and cost effective.


To smoke the canned salmon, I first drained it  and them removed the bones.  Next placed it into a small, disposable aluminum pan.  Didn’t want to leave it spread out too much so that it would dry out too much.   Placed pan with salmon into the smoker with the loins and covered everything up loosely with foil.  Note:  There was not a lot of heat in the smoker, just lots of smoke.   Left it for about  two hours and it came out nice and smoky flavored.  For smoking one can, there was enough salmon for two batches of dip.  Made one batch right then and froze the rest for later.  Not sure I’ll buy the fillets again, the canned was so much easier and has a good shelf life.


A Gadget I’d Love to Have




New gadget on the market that is quite impressive and I’m definitely NOT a gadget person.  But IF we had a smart phone that worked here at the house I would absolutely get one of these.  It uses a wide angle HD video motion detection to record visitors – even has night vision !!! –  to the cloud.  Then using your smartphone you can see who is there before opening the door.  Even if you’re not home!  Read more about the Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell here.



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