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Nothing to do?

michelintiresI always wonder when talking to people who say they don’t want to retire because there’ll be nothing to do.   If only.  For me there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done that needs doing.


For example, last week we went to the BCS area – Bryan-College Station,  for those not familiar with cities in Texas, also home to Texas A&M – to get a new set of tires.  The weather couldn’t have been worse.  Loads of rain (flooding)  and it was so dark outside that it looked like night at 9 in the morning.  But after a bit of a wait it began to lighten up and  we headed out between the thunderstorms.

Fortunately, the trip was fairly easy since there was hardly no one else on the road to speak of.  On arriving at the Discount Tire store, there was only 1 person ahead of us, so we were in and out in just about half-hour.  Fastest tire purchase in history.   Think next time we need tires we’ll go on a rainy day again.


We always buy Michelin tires.  In our opinion, they are the best. Couple of years back when I was doing so much driving back and forth to the hospitals, the Michelin tires on the car had worn down to the cord !!! and I still didn’t have a blow out.  When I finally took them in to have them changed (to non-Michelin tires) the man told me he didn’t know what had kept me going they were so bad.


shrimpgumbo_2016JIt was lunch time when we finished at the tire store, and rather than linger in town to shop, we headed home but not before stopping for lunch at a Chinese restaurant. Big mistake.  That had to be the worst food we’ve ever gotten.  Not the kind that makes you sick, just no taste.  We ordered the shrimp-lobster sauce and the only flavor it had was from the salt we put on it.  Never go back to that one.  And, if you are in the area, avoid the Imperial _ _ Chinese restaurant on the loop near Booneville Rd.    I find it sad that most restaurants serve such poor quality – maybe it’s just our luck and we only get the bad ones.


Next day we made quick, unscheduled  trip only this time to the doctor in Palestine.  David had gotten a bite from ‘something’ and had a horrible looking inflamed red, festered place on his leg.  (Too gross for a picture.)    The whole area affected had to have been  about 2+ inches in diameter.    Haven’t a clue what got him.  A 10-day dose of antibiotics have it cleared up, and his leg is looking normal again.


To take David’s mind off his leg, fixed him one of his favorite meals . . . fried shrimp and shrimp gumbo.  We  had them with some fresh baked French bread and a nice crisp, green salad.  Yummmmm !!!!



One thing about living out here in the country, you have to be so careful all the time. I went to pick blackberries the other day and there on the ground was a snake.  About 3 foot long with stripes along his back . . . ribbon snake?  He slithered off into the weeds under the berry bushes  and I headed back to the house.  He can have all the blackberries he wants.  We’ve been reading about a lot of people getting snake bites this year, so I’m thinking buying a package of blackberries might just be safer and  cheaper than a trip to the hospital.


Did a little cooking today (Friday) and whipped up a batch of biscuits for Bear and a batch of cookies for David.





4-24-16BTW – Bear had his third birthday last week.  He is such a good companion for us.


Anyway, tried something different with the cookies.  Baked them in a rectangular dish then cut  baked ‘cookies’ into bars instead of making drop cookies.    Somehow don’t feel as guilty eating a ‘bar’ as eating a ‘cookie’.  Also, added bout 1/2 cup coconut to the oatmeal-raisin recipe to give them a little extra flavor.  Don’t mind saying, we enjoy having them for breakfast with coffee.



If adding coconut, decrease the oatmeal by 1/4 cup and the raisins by 1/4 cup.

If you decide to try the pan version, the dough is easier to spread if you’ll grease the back of the large spoon you use to spread the dough.

Let them cool completely before cutting.

Frosting is optional 🙂





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